PRICAI 2006: Trends in Artificial Intelligence: 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Guilin, China, August 7-11, 2006, Proceedings: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, cartea 4099

Editat de Quiang Yang, Geoff Webb
en Limba Engleză Paperback – 26 iul 2006
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, PRICAI 2006, held in Guilin, China in August 2006. The book presents 81 revised full papers and 87 revised short papers together with 3 keynote talks. The papers are organized in topical sections on intelligent agents, automated reasoning, machine learning and data mining, natural language processing and speech recognition, computer vision, perception and animation, and more.
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Din seria Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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Seriile Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

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Keynote Speech.- Learning, Logic, and Probability: A Unified View.- Impending Web Intelligence (WI) and Brain Informatics (BI) Research.- Learning with Unlabeled Data and Its Application to Image Retrieval.- Regular Papers.- Learning as Abductive Deliberations.- Using a Constructive Interactive Activation and Competition Neural Network to Construct a Situated Agent’s Experience.- Rule-Based Agents in Temporalised Defeasible Logic.- Compact Preference Representation for Boolean Games.- Agent-Based Flexible Videoconference System with Automatic QoS Parameter Tuning.- Kalman Filter Based Dead Reckoning Algorithm for Minimizing Network Traffic Between Mobile Game Users in Wireless GRID.- Affective Web Service Design.- An Empirical Study of Data Smoothing Methods for Memory-Based and Hybrid Collaborative Filtering.- Eliminate Redundancy in Parallel Search: A Multi-agent Coordination Approach.- Intelligent Market Based Learner Modeling.- User Preference Through Bayesian Categorization for Recommendation.- A Stochastic Non-CNF SAT Solver.- Reasoning About Hybrid Probabilistic Knowledge Bases.- Update Rules for Parameter Estimation in Continuous Time Bayesian Network.- On Constructing Fibred Tableaux for BDI Logics.- The Representation of Multiplication Operation on Fuzzy Numbers and Application to Solving Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making Problems.- Finding a Natural-Looking Path by Using Generalized Visibility Graphs.- Comparison Between Two Languages Used to Express Planning Goals: CTL and E A G LE .- Trajectory Modification Using Elastic Force for Collision Avoidance of a Mobile Manipulator.- A Hybrid Architecture Combining Reactive Plan Execution and Reactive Learning.- A Knowledge-Based Modeling System for Time-Critical Dynamic Decision-Making.- Mining Frequent Itemsets for Protein Kinase Regulation.- Constructing Bayesian Networks from Association Analysis.- Bayesian Approaches to Ranking Sequential Patterns Interestingness.- Mining Multi-dimensional Frequent Patterns Without Data Cube Construction.- A New Approach to Symbolic Classification Rule Extraction Based on SVM.- Feature Selection for Bagging of Support Vector Machines.- Neural Classification of Lung Sounds Using Wavelet Packet Coefficients Energy.- Wireless Communication Quality Monitoring with Artificial Neural Networks.- Prediction of MPEG Video Source Traffic Using BiLinear Recurrent Neural Networks.- Dynamic Neural Network-Based Fault Diagnosis for Attitude Control Subsystem of a Satellite.- Gauss Chaotic Neural Networks.- Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Multiscale BiLinear Recurrent Neural Network.- A Comparison of Selected Training Algorithms for Recurrent Neural Networks.- Neural Network Recognition of Scanning Electron Microscope Image for Plasma Diagnosis.- A New Multi-constrained QoS Routing Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Sparse Kernel Ridge Regression Using Backward Deletion.- Using Locally Weighted Learning to Improve SMOreg for Regression.- Palmprint Recognition Using Wavelet and Support Vector Machines.- Context Awareness System Modeling and Classifier Combination.- Non-negative Matrix Factorization on Kernels.- Modelling Citation Networks for Improving Scientific Paper Classification Performance.- Analysis on Classification Performance of Rough Set Based Reducts.- Parameter Optimization of Kernel-Based One-Class Classifier on Imbalance Text Learning.- Clustering-Based Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction on Manifold.- Sparse Kernel PCA by Kernel K-Means and Preimage Reconstruction Algorithms.- Clustering-Based Relevance Feedback for Web Pages.- Building Clusters of Related Words: An Unsupervised Approach.- Recognition of Simultaneous Speech by Estimating Reliability of Separated Signals for Robot Audition.- Chinese Abbreviation-Definition Identification: A SVM Approach Using Context Information.- Clause Boundary Recognition Using Support Vector Machines.- Large Quantity of Text Classification Based on the Improved Feature-Line Method.- Automatic Multi-level Summarizations Generation Based on Basic Semantic Unit for Sports Video.- Query-Topic Focused Web Pages Summarization.- Computer Vision.- Invariant Color Model-Based Shadow Removal in Traffic Image and a New Metric for Evaluating the Performance of Shadow Removal Methods.- Uncontrolled Face Recognition by Individual Stable Neural Network.- Fuzzy Velocity-Based Temporal Dependency for SVM-Driven Realistic Facial Animation.- Re-ordering Methods in Adaptive Rank-Based Re-indexing Scheme.- Use of Nested K-Means for Robust Head Location in Visual Surveillance System.- Appearance Based Multiple Agent Tracking Under Complex Occlusions.- Variable Duration Motion Texture for Human Motion Modeling.- A Novel Motion Blending Approach Based on Fuzzy Clustering.- Efficient Optimization of Inpainting Scheme and Line Scratch Detection for Old Film Restoration.- Partial Encryption of Digital Contents Using Face Detection Algorithm.- Relevance Feedback Using Adaptive Clustering for Region Based Image Similarity Retrieval.- Learning and Evolution Affected by Spatial Structure.- Immune Clonal Selection Evolutionary Strategy for Constrained Optimization.- An Intelligent System for Supporting Personal Creativity Based on Genetic Algorithm.- Generating Creative Ideas Through Patents.- An Improved Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Dominating Tree.- Fuzzy Genetic System for Modelling Investment Portfolio.- Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms for Pairs Mining.- A Novel Feature Selection Approach by Hybrid Genetic Algorithm.- Evolutionary Ensemble Based Pattern Recognition by Data Context Definition.- Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization with a Hybrid Probability Distribution.- A Selection Scheme for Excluding Defective Rules of Evolutionary Fuzzy Path Planning.- An Improved Genetic-Based Particle Swarm Optimization for No-Idle Permutation Flow Shops with Fuzzy Processing Time.- Determinants of E-CRM in Influencing Customer Satisfaction.- Penalty Guided PSO for Reliability Design Problems.- Developing Methodologies of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining to Investigate Metropolitan Land Use Evolution.- Vibration Control of Suspension System Based on a Hybrid Intelligent Control Algorithm.- Short Papers Part.- An Intelligent Conversational Agent as the Web Virtual Representative Using Semantic Bayesian Networks.- Three-Tier Multi-agent Approach for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem.- Adaptive Agent Selection in Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems.- A Mobile Agent Approach to Support Parallel Evolutionary Computation.- The Design of Fuzzy Controller by Means of Genetic Algorithms and NFN-Based Estimation Technique.- GA-Based Polynomial Neural Networks Architecture and Its Application to Multi-variable Software Process.- Topical and Temporal Visualization Using Wavelets.- LP-TPOP: Integrating Planning and Scheduling Through Constraint Programming.- Integrating Insurance Services, Trust and Risk Mechanisms into Multi-agent Systems.- Cat Swarm Optimization.- Heuristic Information Based Improved Fuzzy Discrete PSO Method for Solving TSP.- A Network Event Correlation Algorithm Based on Fault Filtration.- CPR Localization Using the RFID Tag-Floor.- Development of a Biologically-Inspired Mesoscale Robot.- Timed Petri-Net(TPN) Based Scheduling Holon and Its Solution with a Hybrid PSO-GA Based Evolutionary Algorithm(HPGA).- Recognition Rate Prediction for Dysarthric Speech Disorder Via Speech Consistency Score.- An Emotion-Driven Musical Piece Generator for a Constructive Adaptive User Interface.- An Adaptive Inventory Control Model for a Supply Chain with Nonstationary Customer Demands.- Context-Aware Product Bundling Architecture in Ubiquitous Computing Environments.- A Relaxation of a Semiring Constraint Satisfaction Problem Using Combined Semirings.- Causal Difference Detection Using Bayesian Networks.- Tabu Search for Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.- Investigation of Brood Size in GP with Brood Recombination Crossover for Object Recognition.- An Immune Algorithm for the Optimal Maintenance of New Consecutive-Component Systems.- Immune Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Optimal Design of Intelligent AC Contactors.- The Parametric Design Based on Organizational Evolutionary Algorithm.- Buying and Selling with Insurance in Open Multi-agent Marketplace.- Ensemble Evolution of Checkers Players with Knowledge of Opening, Middle and Endgame.- Dynamic Game Level Design Using Gaussian Mixture Model.- Application Architecture of Data Mining in Telecom Customer Relationship Management Based on Swarm Intelligence.- Mining Image Sequence Similarity Patterns in Brain Images.- Weightily Averaged One-Dependence Estimators.- SV-kNNC: An Algorithm for Improving the Efficiency of k-Nearest Neighbor.- A Novel Support Vector Machine Metamodel for Business Risk Identification.- Performing Locally Linear Embedding with Adaptable Neighborhood Size on Manifold.- Stroke Number and Order Free Handwriting Recognition for Nepali.- Diagnosis Model of Radio Frequency Impedance Matching in Plasma Equipment by Using Neural Network and Wavelets.- Program Plagiarism Detection Using Parse Tree Kernels.- Determine the Optimal Parameter for Information Bottleneck Method.- Optimized Parameters for Missing Data Imputation.- Expediting Model Selection for Support Vector Machines Based on an Advanced Data Reduction Algorithm.- Study of the SMO Algorithm Applied in Power System Load Forecasting.- Filtering Objectionable Image Based on Image Content.- MRA Kernel Matching Pursuit Machine.- Multiclass Microarray Data Classification Using GA/ANN Method.- Texture Classification Using Finite Ridgelet Transform and Support Vector Machines.- Reduction of the Multivariate Input Dimension Using Principal Component Analysis.- Designing Prolog Semantics for a Class of Observables.- A Fingerprint Capture System and the Corresponding Image Quality Evaluation Algorithm Based on FPS200.- Multi-agent Motion Tracking Using the Particle Filter in ISpace with DINDs.- Combining Multiple Sets of Rules for Improving Classification Via Measuring Their Closenesses.- Multiple SVMs Enabled Sales Forecasting Support System.- The Application of B-Spline Neurofuzzy Networks for Condition Monitoring of Metal Cutting Tool.- Simplified Fuzzy-PID Controller of Data Link Antenna System for Moving Vehicles.- Neuron Based Nonlinear PID Control.- An Image Retrieval System Based on Colors and Shapes of Objects.- A Hybrid Mood Classification Approach for Blog Text.- Modeling and Classification of Audio Signals Using Gradient-Based Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm with a Mercer Kernel.- A Quick Rank Based on Web Structure.- A Biologically-inspired Computational Model for Perceiving the TROIs from Texture Images.- A Computer-Assisted Environment on Referential Understanding to Enhance Academic Reading Comprehension.- An Object-Oriented Framework for Data Quality Management of Enterprise Data Warehouse.- Extending HPSG Towards HDS as a Fragment of pCLL.- Chinese Multi-document Summarization Using Adaptive Clustering and Global Search Strategy.- Genetic Algorithm Based Multi-document Summarization.- MaxMatcher: Biological Concept Extraction Using Approximate Dictionary Lookup.- Bootstrapping Word Sense Disambiguation Using Dynamic Web Knowledge.- Automatic Construction of Object Oriented Design Models [UML Diagrams] from Natural Language Requirements Specification.- A Multi-word Term Extraction System.- A Multiscale Self-growing Probabilistic Decision-Based Neural Network for Segmentation of SAR Imagery.- Face Detection Using an Adaptive Skin-Color Filter and FMM Neural Networks.- GA Optimized Wavelet Neural Networks.- The Optimal Solution of TSP Using the New Mixture Initialization and Sequential Transformation Method in Genetic Algorithm.- Steering Law Design for Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyroscopes Based on RBF Neural Networks.- Automatic Design of Hierarchical RBF Networks for System Identification.- Dynamically Subsumed-OVA SVMs for Fingerprint Classification.- Design on Supervised / Unsupervised Learning Reconfigurable Digital Neural Network Structure.- Car Plate Localization Using Pulse Coupled Neural Network in Complicated Environment.- A Split-Step PSO Algorithm in Predicting Construction Litigation Outcome.- An Efficient Unsupervised MRF Image Clustering Method.- Robust Gaze Estimation for Human Computer Interaction.- A New Iris Control Mechanism for Traffic Monitoring System.- Invariant Object Recognition Using Circular Pairwise Convolutional Networks.- Face Detection Using Binary Template Matching and SVM.- Gain Field Correction Fast Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm for Segmenting Magnetic Resonance Images.- LVQ Based Distributed Video Coding with LDPC in Pixel Domain.- Object Matching Using Generalized Hough Transform and Chamfer Matching.- An Adaptive Inventory Control Model for a Supply Chain with Nonstationary Customer Demands.- Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition.- Computer Vision.- Perception and Animation.- Evolutionary Computing.- Industrial Applications.- Short Papers Part.- Automated Reasoning.- Evolutionary Computing.- Game.- Machine Learning and Data Mining.- Industrial Applications.- Information Retrieval.- Natural Language Processing.- Neural Networks.- Computer Vision.


Refereed proceedings of the 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, PRICAI 2006
Presents 81 revised full papers and 87 revised short papers together with 3 keynote talks
Topics include intelligent agents, automated reasoning, machine learning and data mining, natural language processing and speech recognition, and more