The Alchemy of Sexual Energy: Connecting to the Universe from Within

Autor Mantak Chia
en Limba Engleză Paperback – 23 dec 2009
Taoists consider our sexual energy to be the creative force that we can use to regenerate the body’s internal energy, but we must learn how to harness excess sexual energy and transform it into chi, or life-force energy. When we circulate the sexual energy in the Microcosmic Orbit--a continuous energy loop that runs up the spine and down the front of the body--we transform it into self-healing energy that can be stored in the organs and the three tan tiens: energy centers in the brain, the heart center, and the lower abdomen. The Alchemy of Sexual Energybuilds upon Microcosmic Orbit practices discussed in Healing Light of the Tao. The more we open the flow of our internal energy the more capable we are of connecting to the cosmic energy that exists outside ourselves in the universe. By learning to open the three tan tiens to the six directions, the Taoist practitioner combines mind power with extension of chi to draw cosmic energy into the body. This energy, too, can be stored in the three tan tiens and used as needed for healing. When we learn to flow in this way with the energy of the Tao, life ceases to be a struggle.
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Mantak Chia, world famous Inner Alchemy and Chi Kung master, founded the Universal Healing Tao System in 1979. He has taught and certified tens of thousands of students and instructors from all over the world. He is the director of the Tao Garden Integrative Medicine Health Spa and Resort training center in northern Thailand and the author of 35 books including Sexual Reflexology, Healing Love through the Tao, and the bestselling The Multi-Orgasmic Man.


Chapter 6

The Cosmic Orbit Meditation

The Cosmic Orbit meditation enables us to connect with the beneficial chi of the universe and bring it into our bodies. It is based on awareness of three forces: the pull of the core of the earth, the tan tien spiral, and the pull of the North Star.
The rotation of the earth around itself at 1,000 miles per hour--caused by its core liquid and orbit around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour--creates the gravitational and the magnetic forces. This is the yin and yang polarity and the life force within our cells. These incredible speeds greatly influence the liquid in the body. The fact that we are 70 percent water keeps us connected to the forces all around us. This connection is strongest in the tan tien, which is linked to the core of the earth.
The North Star is another force that pulls us toward it. We now know that the North Star is actually 100,000 times bigger than our sun. Taoists regard the North Star as the northern gate to heaven. It is the one object in the sky that is easily recognized.
Although the position of the North Star in the sky seems fixed, it does move, though very slowly. The earth’s axis 5,000 years ago was aligned with Thuban. Now Earth is tilted toward the North Star Polaris and all the living things on Earth are influenced by it. Perhaps in another 2,000 years the direction of the tilt will change again toward the star Vega.
The Big Dipper and the North Star appear near one another in the sky. The North Star is a major source of violet light, which is the divine or soul energy. The Big Dipper is a major source of red and infrared light. In addition, Taoists believe that the cup of the Big Dipper
gathers all the violet light from the universe.

- Violet light is the color of the higher self, or higher soul.

- Violet light has all the properties of all of the other colors. It has a rapid regenerating effect on damaged organs and nerves.

- Luminous violet light has a unique vibration and can be programmed. It develops the crown center, spiritual core center, and is good for psychological ailments.

In the Cosmic Orbit meditation, we draw the violet light in and feel the pull of the North Star, making us lighter.

The Cosmic Orbit meditation allows us to benefit from the synergy of all three forces: the earth, the North Star, and the Big Dipper.

The Cosmic Orbit Meditation

Connect with the North Star to Receive the Violet Light

1. Begin by raising the hands to the universe; feel that the hands are big and long and that the bones are hollow. Fill and pack the bones with chi.
2. Be aware of the North Star and Big Dipper.
3. Let the North Star and Big Dipper descend down to your hands. Use the left hand to hold the handle of the Big Dipper and pour the violet light from the universe down to your crown, then let it flow through the whole body.
4. Guide this healing light down into your skull, deep into your brain, cervical vertebrae, sternum, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, and down through your legs. Feel it penetrating and enlivening your bones, deep into the bone marrow: washing, cleansing, energizing.
5. Feel this liquidlike chi spill all the way down to your feet. Feel it connecting with the earth through the soles of your feet; be aware of the Bubbling Springs in the feet (the K1 point of the kidney meridian) breathing and pulsating.

Open the Back-Crown Point

1. Touch the back-crown point. Pour the chi all over your crown.
2. Think of your soles so that you feel as if there is a waterfall of chi flowing from your crown all the way down to your soles.
3. Feel your fingers grow long and the chi penetrate down through your spine to the coccyx. Leave the fingers touching the back of the crown, to maintain the energetic connection with the coccyx.
4. Be aware of the tan tien and spiral it like universal energy in motion. Feel the heart center spiraling and the crown spiraling. Be aware of the universe spiraling above, below, front, back, left, and right, charging the three tan tiens.
5. Let all of the sick energy and the negative forces leave the body and go down into the ground for Mother Earth to recycle. Extend the chi from above all the way down through the earth and the universe below.

Open the Mid-Crown Point

1. Move to the mid-crown point. Touch the point and project your fingers deep through the middle of your body down to the perineum.
2. Focus on the perineum. Feel the chi from the universe flow right to your perineum.
3. Look for one dot of light. Look into the darkness, the immense, vast darkness. This is the primordial force.
4. Be aware of the tan tien and spiral it like the galaxy. Feel the heart center spiraling and the crown spiraling. Be aware of the universe spiraling above, below, front, back, left, and right.
5. Let all of the sick energy and the negative forces go out of the body and down into the ground for Mother Earth to recycle. Extend the chi from above all the way down through the earth to the universe below.



Putting the Alchemy of Sexual Energy into Practice


1 • Connect to the Universe with the Cosmic Orbit

2 • Preliminary Practices for the Cosmic Orbit Meditation

3 • Warming the Stove and Laughing Chi Kung

4 • Three Minds into One and the Powers of Ten

5 • Cosmic Healing Chi Kung

6 • The Cosmic Orbit Meditation

7 • Freedom, Harmony, and Balance in the Tao


About the Author

The Universal Tao System and Training Center



"The major insight offered by this book . . . concerns the fact that our certainties and experiences are predetermined to a profound degree by the language and habits that we learn in youth and accept as defining our world as we grow older. Drawing on Daoist wisdom and practice, Chia introduces the reader to new ways of managing understanding, well-being, and aspiration and invites the discovery of new physical and spiritual possibilities.


Taoist techniques for replenishing our internal energy with universal cosmic energy.