Cărți de Peter Danielson

Peter Danielson is the pen name used by the authors of a series of 19 books published by Bantam Books between 1984 and 1995. The series, called Children of the Lion, is loosely based on Old Testament Biblical events.

The original "Peter Danielson" and creator of the series was George Warren. He wrote volumes #1 through #14. #15 was by Franklin King; Hugh Zachary took over the series with the next book and wrote #16, #17, and #18. The final book #19 was written by James Reasoner.

Children of the Lion series:

  1. Children of the Lion
  2. The Shepherd Kings
  3. Vengeance of the Lion
  4. The Lion in Egypt
  5. The Golden Pharaoh
  6. Lord of the Nile
  7. The Prophecy
  8. Sword of Glory
  9. The Deliverer
  10. The Exodus
  11. The Sea Peoples
  12. Promised Land
  13. The Invaders
  14. The Trumpet and the Sword
  15. Prophets and Warriors
  16. Departed Glory
  17. The Death of Kings
  18. The Shining King (1995)
  19. Triumph of the Lion (1995)
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