BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice – A Foundation Manual

Autor A Harvey
en Limba Engleză Paperback – 31 mai 2013

This new addition to the BSAVA Foundation Manual series serves to provide an easily accessible source of practical advice on the management of common feline problems encountered in first-opinion practice. It begins with an introduction to important general issues in effective feline practice, including handling techniques, principles of examination and how to ensure a cat-friendly practice. Gold-standard preventive healthcare guidelines focusing on a life-stage approach and a discussion on therapeutics including antibiotic use, analgesia and anaesthesia follow. The main part of the Manual comprises problem-oriented sections that focus on the investigation and initial management of, first, emergencies and then other common presentations such as alopecia, polydipsia and seizures. The final systems-based section gives more detailed information on the management of the disorders commonly seen in general practice. The Manual gives enough information for any vet to deal very competently with commonly seen feline problems, also providing guidance on where to go for further information if required. Where appropriate, guidelines are also given for when referral should be considered, and for situations where financial limitations may exist. A unique feature of this Manual are the many 'Quick Reference Guides' (QRGs) provided throughout , which present practical techniques and treatments in easy-to-follow step-by-step guides, with clear colour photographs illustrating each step whenever possible. The international panel of authors were carefully chosen for their practical expertise and passion in different areas of feline practice. The practical and easy-to-follow advice provided in this Manual makes it essential reading for all new graduates and first-opinion vets who see feline cases, as well as veterinary students and veterinary nurses worldwide.

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Andrea Harvey BVSc DSAM(Feline) DipECVIM-CA MRCVS Andrea graduated from the University of Bristol in 2000 and, after some time in small animal practice, returned to Bristol to undertake a 3-year residency in feline medicine, funded by the Feline Advisory Bureau, remaining as FAB Clinical Fellow in Feline Medicine from 2005 to 2010. She has since continued to work closely with FAB and the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) on various initiatives, particularly the ISFM Cat Friendly Practice Accreditation scheme. In 2012 she moved to Australia, where she works as a feline clinician in the Small Animal Specialist Hospital, Sydney. Andrea is also the ISFM representative for Australasia, and a tutor on the CVE/ISFM distance education course in feline medicine. She lectures widely internationally and has written numerous articles and book chapters. Andrea is passionate about all aspects of feline medicine, health and welfare, and about supporting and inspiring colleagues in practice to provide the best care for their feline patients. Séverine Tasker BSc BVSc(Hons) PhD DSAM DipECVIM-CA PGCertHE MRCVS After graduation from Bristol Veterinary School in 1994, Séverine spent time in practice working for the PDSA before moving to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh to take up an FAB Residency in Feline Medicine. She returned to Bristol in 1999, completing her PhD on feline haemoplasma infection in 2002. She is now a Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine at Bristol. Working in the Feline Centre and on the molecular side of the diagnostic services of Langford Veterinary Services, she is interested in all aspects of feline medicine, especially infectious diseases and haematological disorders. Séverine adores all things feline and particularly enjoys teaching veterinary students, nurses and colleagues a holistic approach to feline cases. She has authored over 100 papers and book chapters and has been an invited speaker at conferences in Europe, USA and Australasia. In 2008 she was awarded the BSAVA Woodrow Award for outstanding contributions to small animal medicine.


Foreword Preface SECTION 1: Effective feline practice 1. The cat-friendly practice Margie Scherk 2. Preventive healthcare: a life-stage approach Susan Little 3. Practical therapeutics Jill E. Maddison and Jo Murrell SECTION 2: Common presenting complaints 4. Feline emergencies 4.1 Collapse Angie Hibbert 4.2 Dyspnoea, tachypnoea and hyperpnoea Angie Hibbert 4.3 Hypercalcaemia Samantha Taylor 4.4 Hypocalcaemia Samantha Taylor 4.5 Hypoglycaemia Samantha Taylor 4.6 Hypokalaemia Samantha Taylor 4.7 Seizures Laurent Garosi 4.8 Sudden-onset blindness Natasha Mitchell 4.9 Toxins - common feline poisonings Martha Cannon 4.10 Trauma and wound management Geraldine Hunt 4.11 Urethral obstruction Danièlle-Gunn Moore 5. Other common feline problems 5.1 Abdominal effusion Myra Forster-van Hijfte 5.2 Abdominal masses Myra Forster-van Hijfte 5.3 Alopecia Natalie Barnard 5.4 Anaemia Séverine Tasker 5.5 Anorexia Samantha Taylor and Rachel Korman 5.6 Ataxia Laurent Garosi 5.7 Azotaemia Kathleen Tennant 5.8 Cat bite abscesses Martha Cannon 5.9 Constipation Albert E. Jergens 5.10 Coughing Angie Hibbert 5.11 Dehydration Samantha Taylor 5.12 Diarrhoea Albert E. Jergens 5.13 Haematuria Danièlle-Gunn Moore 5.14 Hairballs Margie Scherk 5.15 Head shaking and/or ear scratching Natalie Barnard 5.16 Head tilt Laurent Garosi 5.17 Heart murmur Kerry Simpson 5.18 Hypertension Sarah Caney 5.19 Hyphaema Natasha Mitchell 5.20 Inappropriate defecation Andrea Harvey 5.21 Inappropriate urination, dysuria and pollakiuria Samantha Taylor 5.22 Jaundice Andrea Harvey 5.23 Lameness Sorrel J. Langley-Hobbs 5.24 Mentation and behavioural changes Laurent Garosi 5.25 Ocular discharge Natasha Mitchell 5.26 Overgrooming and pruritus Natalie Barnard 5.27 Pica Samantha Taylor 5.28 Polyphagia Darren Foster 5.29 Polyuria and polydipsia Sarah Caney 5.30 Pyrexia and hyperthermia Mike Lappin 5.31 Raised liver parameters Kathleen Tennant 5.32 Regurgitation Myra Forster-van Hiijfte 5.33 Skin masses, nodules and swellings Natalie Barnard 5.34 Sneezing and nasal discharge Richard Malik and Andrea Harvey 5.35 Vomiting Albert E. Jergens 5.36 Weight loss Samantha Taylor SECTION 3: Management of common disorders 6. Managing skin disorders Natalie Barnard 7. Dental disorders and their management Lisa Milella 8. Management of eye disease Natasha Mitchell 9. Management of cardiovascular disorders Luca Ferasin 10. Management of respiratory disorders Angie Hibbert 11. Management of gastrointestinal disorders Albert E. Jergens 12. Management of hepatic and pancreatic disorders Andrea Harvey 13. Management of urinary tract disorders Samantha Taylor 14. Management of endocrine disorders Nicki Reed 15. Management of reproduction and related disorders Susan Little 16. Management of fractures and orthopaedic disease Sorrel J. Langley-Hobbs 17. Management of neurological and neuromuscular disorders Laurent Garosi 18. Management of behavioural disorders Vicky Halls 19. Infectious diseases Vanessa Barrs and Julia Beatty 20. Management of haematological disorders Séverine Tasker 21. Management of commonly encountered feline cancers Mark Goodfellow Appendix Suture patterns Geraldine Hunt Index Quick reference guides QRG 1.1 Calculation of energy requirements for ill cats Marge Chandler QRG 1.2 Handling techniques for simple procedures Suzanne Rudd QRG 1.3 Examining the eye Natasha Mitchell QRG 1.4 Examining the mouth in a conscious cat Lisa Milella QRG 1.5 Thoracic examination and auscultation Kerry Simpson QRG 1.6 Performing a neurological examination Laurent Garosi QRG 1.7 Blood sampling: practical tips Martha Cannon QRG 2.1 Calculation of energy requirements for life stages and weight management Marge Chandler QRG 2.2 Prepubertal neutering of kittens David Yates QRG 2.3 Prepubertal neutering of males: castration David Yates QRG 2.4 Prepubertal neutering of females: ovariohysterectomy David Yates QRG 2.5 Compassionate euthanasia Martha Cannon QRG 3.1 Giving oral medications to cats Martha Cannon QRG 4.1.1 Intravenous catheterization Samantha Taylor QRG 4.1.2 Approach to hypotension Angie Hibbert QRG 4.1.3 Intravenous fluid therapy Samantha Taylor QRG 4.1.4 Recording and interpreting an electrocardiogram Luca Ferasin QRG 4.2.1 Immediate management of severe dyspnoea Angie Hibbert QRG 4.2.2 Oxygen therapy Angie Hibbert QRG 4.2.3 Emergency thoracic radiography Esther Barrett QRG 4.2.4 Thoracocentesis Angie Hibbert QRG 4.2.5 Inserting a chest drain Geraldine Hunt QRG 4.2.6 Inserting a small-bore wire-guided chest drain Dan Lewis QRG 4.4.1 Treatment of hypocalcaemia Samantha Taylor QRG 4.5.1 Treating hypoglycaemia Samantha Taylor QRG 4.6.1 Treatment of hypokalaemia Samantha Taylor QRG 4.7.1 Emergency management of the seizuring cat Laurent Garosi QRG 4.10.1 Abdominal rupture and hernia management Geraldine Hunt QRG 4.10.2 Bladder rupture repair Geraldine Hunt QRG 4.11.1 Approach to hyperkalaemia Angie Hibbert QRG 4.11.2 Relief of urethral obstruction in a tomcat Danièlle-Gunn Moore QRG 4.11.3 Urinalysis Kathleen Tennant QRG 4.11.4 Cystocentesis Margie Scherk QRG 5.1.1 Abdominocentesis Myra Forster-van Hijfte QRG 5.3.1 Wood's lamp examination Natalie Barnard QRG 5.3.2 Hair plucks Natalie Barnard QRG 5.3.3 Skin biopsy Natalie Barnard QRG 5.4.1 Making and examining a blood smear Séverine Tasker QRG 5.4.2 Haematological assessment Kathleen Tennant QRG 5.4.3 Obtaining bone marrow samples Séverine Tasker QRG 5.5.1 Enteral assisted nutrition Rachel Korman QRG 5.5.2 Placement of a naso-oesophageal feeding tube Rachel Korman QRG 5.5.3 Placement of an oesophagostomy feeding tube Rachel Korman QRG 5.10.1 Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) Angie Hibbert QRG 5.15.1 Ear flushing Natalie Barnard QRG 5.15.2 Ear cytology Natalie Barnard QRG 5.18.1 Measuring blood pressure Sarah Caney QRG 5.18.2 Treatment of hypertension Sarah Caney QRG 5.21.1 Radiographic contrast studies of the lower urinary tract Myra Forster-van Hijfte QRG 5.26.1 Coat brushing Natalie Barnard QRG 5.26.2 Skin scrapes Natalie Barnard QRG 5.26.3 Skin cytology Natalie Barnard QRG 5.33.1 Fine-needle aspiration Kathleen Tennant QRG 5.34.1 Evaluating the nasopharynx Andrea Harvey and Richard Malik QRG 5.34.2 Nasal flushing and biopsy Andrea Harvey and Richard Malik QRG 6.1 Dietary trial for cutaneous adverse food reaction Natalie Barnard QRG 7.1 Dental examination, scaling and polishing Lisa Milella QRG 7.2 Tooth extraction Lisa Milella QRG 8.1 Enucleation Natasha Mitchell QRG 10.1 Inhalant asthma treatment Angie Hibbert QRG 11.1 Gut biopsy Geraldine Hunt QRG 12.1 Liver biopsy Geraldine Hunt QRG 13.1 Increasing water intake Samantha Taylor QRG 13.2 Subcutaneous fluid therapy Samantha Taylor QRG 14.1 Intracapsular thyroidectomy with preservation of the cranial parathyroid gland Geraldine Hunt QRG 14.2 Ear vein sampling for blood glucose determination Nicki Reed QRG 15.1 Diagnosing and managing dystocia Susan Little and Geraldine Hunt QRG 17.1 Tail-pull injuries and tail amputation Geraldine Hunt QRG 20.1 Feline blood types and blood typing methods Suzanne Rudd QRG 20.2 Blood transfusion Suzanne Rudd QRG 21.1 Lymph node excision Geraldine Hunt QRG 21.2 Chemotherapy for lymphoma Mark Goodfellow QRG 21.3 Pinnectomy Geraldine Hunt