Un capitol pe zi. Stop Talking, Start Doing (ziua #3)

Provocare de la librarul tău personal, ziua #3

Vă propunem și vă punem la dispoziție câte un capitol în fiecare zi din cărți noi și bestsellers și vă provocăm să-l citiți pe fiecare. Am vrea să știm cum vă simțiți peste o săptămână, dacă v-ați găsit timp și vedem dacă vreți să continuăm. Cărțile sunt pe zona de business și pasiuni și sunt în limba engleză.

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“What is past is prologue.” William Shakespeare

“Eyes front!”

Any drill sergeant in any army anywhere

The speed of life

This book is about starting. It’s about shifting from the static to the active state; the state where things happen because you initiated them. It’s about shifting gears, moving direction, transforming what you do with your day, your week, your time and taking control; it’s about deliberately putting one foot in front of the other and moving with purpose instead of being carried along by the current. There’s never been a better time to start something. Now more than ever we live in a world of opportunity. But the downside to this world of opportunity – brought about by new technology and new social and working conventions – is a world that seduces us into drifting through life. Things like: shopping, web-surfing, casual tweeting, photocommenting and status-updating. It’s not that these things aren’t fun or even good. But while it might feel like you’re “doing” – in large part thanks to the power of billions of dollars of marketing – you might have a feeling that there’s got to be more to life.

Take a couple of years out Supposing you could take the next 2 years off from your normal life? You didn’t have to worry about where you live, earning a living, paying the bills, what family, friends and colleagues would think of what you do in those next 24 months. Now, what are you going to do in this time? Shop, surf the web and update your status? Maybe you’ll spend your time sitting on a beach talking about what you’re going to do over the next few months? Or will you be itching to get on with what you’ve been thinking about and talking about?

What then, after a few weeks sitting on a beach, would you like to be getting on with? Do you want to write a book, start a band, study, renovate your house, leave your partner, your job, the town you live in and travel far and wide? What’s it going to be? What do you want to do? Get a pen and paper and write it down. Now. Write down the things you’d do and the things, people and places it would involve. If it involves more money than you currently have, you’re granted a limitless fund for anything you want to do. The money is there so that there’s no financial barrier to you doing what you’ve often talked about. Find an image from a magazine (or download one from online and print off), something that depicts what it is you really want to do.


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