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Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning de James M. Lang este alegerea pentru capitolul de azi, un alt exemplu convingător de construire reușită a unul program de învățare șia cumulare de aptitudini importante.


“The deft way that Lang positions his learning recommendations as ′micro′ changes will make this book catch on like wildfire in higher education.”
Victoria Mondelli, executive director, Teaching Excellence & Engaged Learning, Mercy College

“Small Teaching is packed with ideas that will have you highlighting like mad. But this is no mere collection of tips instead, it′s a powerful, coherent framework aligned to the realities of teaching in higher education today.”
Michelle Miller, director, First Year Learning Initiative, University College, and professor, Northern Arizona University

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I wrote almost every word of this book sitting in a coffee shop about two blocks from my home. Most weekdays I would walk in, find a spot near an electrical outlet, fire up my laptop, and then head to the counter to order my beverage. I am a person of routines when it comes to food and drink, so every day for about 6 months I placed the same order: medium green tea. The coffee shop had its routines as well, which meant that most of the time I was placing my order with the same young woman. Yet in spite of the fact that she saw my smiling face 3 or 4 days a week making the same order, she always looked up at me expectantly when I arrived, as if I had not requested the same thing a hundred times before. She would even ask me the same two questions about my tea order every time: “Hot or cold?” “Honey or lemon?” Hot and No. Every time. As the weeks and months of this stretched on, it became a mild source of amusement to me to see if she would ever remember my order. She never did. Until, that is, I walked in one day and felt a little mischievous.

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