Un capitol pe zi. Ambition (ziua #4)

Provocare de la librarul tău personal, ziua #4

Vă propunem și vă punem la dispoziție câte un capitol în fiecare zi din cărți noi și bestsellers și vă provocăm să-l citiți pe fiecare. Am vrea să știm cum vă simțiți peste o săptămână, dacă v-ați găsit timp și vedem dacă vreți să continuăm. Cărțile sunt pe zona profesională și pasiuni și sunt în limba engleză.

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Ambition: Why It′s Good to Want More and How to Get It

Be clear about what you are trying to achieve

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Dr Seuss

Goals can come in all shapes and sizes. So before you start, you need to be very clear in your mind about where you are trying to get to. What do you really want to do? Become a best‐selling novelist? Be promoted to a high‐fl ying role at work? Build a school in a poor underdeveloped part of the world? Start your own business? Win a gold medal at the next Olympic Games? Get to the top of your academic fi eld? Be a professional deep‐sea diver?

Whatever it is, if you are going to successfully use your ambition to achieve your ultimate goal, you need to have a very strong sense of where you are heading before you begin. Otherwise you will get lost long before you reach your destination. By taking the time now to think hard about what your ambition looks like, you can dramatically improve your chances of success before you even start. Just make sure your ambition has these six essential ingredients:

1. Your ambition should be big

2. Your ambition should be measurable

3. Your ambition should be personal

4. Your ambition should make a difference

5. Your ambition should be achievable

6. Your ambition should be something you really, really want to do

Let’s look at each of these in turn:

1. Your ambition should be big

It may sound counter‐intuitive but having a big ambition actually improves your chances of success. If the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve is too small, it can be easy to feel that you don’t need to make much of an effort to achieve it. Which invariably means that you don’t make any effort at all. So inevitably, nothing changes. And your ultimate goal never gets reached. If, on the other hand, you have set yourself a big challenging goal, then if you are to have any chance of achieving it at all, you know you must face it head on and be fully prepared. And leave nothing to chance because it is going to take every ounce of your focus and energy to even have a shot at getting anywhere close to it. In the 1960s, American psychologist Professor Edwin Locke did a lot of pioneering research into the link between goal setting and performance. After reviewing a decade’s worth of laboratory and fi eld studies, he found that in 90% of cases, setting specific and challenging goals led to higher performance than setting easy goals or “do your best” goals. He concluded that the more difficult a goal is, the harder people will work to achieve it.

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