Laureaţi ai premiului Nobel pentru literatură în secolul 21

“We would be worse than we are without the good books we have read, more conformist, not as restless, more submissive, and the critical spirit, the engine of progress, would not even exist. Like writing, reading is a protest against the insufficiencies of life. When we look in fiction for what is missing in life, we are saying, with no need to say it or even to know it, that life as it is does not satisfy our thirst for the absolute – the foundation of the human condition – and should be better. We invent fictions in order to live somehow the many lives we would like to lead when we barely have one at our disposal.” ― Mario Vargas Llosa

Premiul Nobel pentru Literatură se acordă anual, de către  Academia Suedeză, unui scriitor a cărui operă (opera autorului ca un tot)  este  “cea mai remarcabilă lucrare într-o tendință idealistică”. Continue reading “Laureaţi ai premiului Nobel pentru literatură în secolul 21”