Strategic IQ. Creating Smarter Corporations

De ce se confruntă cu eșecul companii care au avut succes?În mediul de afaceri rapid de azi,  firmele trebuie să-și  adapteze strategiile şi să inoveze pentru a rămâne în top.  Dar multe firme de succes nu reuşesc să facă acest lucru. Dimpotrivă, ele cad vicitime ale inerţiei, ezită sau se ghidează  după strategiile lor vechi și la un moment dat ajunge să fie prea târziu.Învaţă din relatări  reale,  despre cum au evoluat situații de concurenţă pe piață,  află ce se întâmpla în companii importante, dincolo de   informațiile public. Conținând  informaţii relevante şi  lecții uşor de învățat și de aplicat, în Strategic IQ veţi găsi un cadru pentru a înţelege inteligenţa strategică, o hartă  pentru a avansa pe scara inteligenței, precum şi  un instrumente măsură a progresului. Ce spun alții?“Hard-hitting and stimulating, Wells’ thesis carries a robust message that should make business leaders the world over sit up and think.”– Archie Norman, chairman of ITV, UK“Wells makes a compelling case for dramatic change.”– Ron Sargent, CEO of Staples, USACitește un fragment:

THE NEED FOR SMART STRATEGYWhy Strategy?Without a goal in life, it is tough to achieve much. Mindless wandering rarely delivers great results. As the Cheshire Cat said in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ”If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”The goal of any business is to deliver superior sustainable performance. ”Performance” means return on investment; firms are in business to make a profit. ”Sustainable” means profit over the long term rather than to meet the next quarterly earnings targets. It’s easy to deliver a short-term burst of profits by failing to invest for tomorrow and stealing from future performance.Delivering a sustainable stream of income is much harder. ”Superior” means better than competitors; firms who always strive to win are less likely to be blindsided by competition, and more likely to survive and prosper.Winners alsogain better access to resources (e.g. people, capital), increasing sustainability. To deliver superior, sustainable performance firms need a good strategy. This requires good strategy formulation: the integration of choices on whereand how to compete. It also depends on good strategy implementation: the marshalling of resources and integration of actions to deliver the strategy.Formulation and implementation both require good leadership to ensure that the right choices are made, the right assets are deployed and the right actions are taken.Why Smart Strategy?There is no such thing as strategy in isolation; it must be consistent with the competitive environment. This is always changing, so strategy must change too. Firms must constantly be steering purposefully in a winning direction; this is the definition of Strategic IQ. Those with moderate IQ keep up with the pack, but the smartest firms don’t simply react to change; theydrive it, shaping the competitive environment to their advantage. To do this, they need smart strategy.Firms that fail to change their strategies in a timely fashion put themselves in grave danger. The longer the delay, the bigger the strategic problems become and the harder they are to fix. The more a firm invests in tactical responses that do not address the underlying strategic problems, the more resources are diverted from much-needed strategic change and the more the firm is distracted from the strategic issues it should be addressing. It is easy to get caught in this trap. Sales and profits can continue to growfor many years before strategic weaknesses show through. Firms become complacent and defer expensive and painful changes until later. But once financial results collapse, shareholders have little patience with investing heavily in solving long-term problems; they want a quick fix. It becomes very difficult to make the necessary changes and the firm struggles on, squeezed between impatient investors and an increasingly hostile competitive environment until it finally fails. Far better to diagnose the disease early and treatit before it becomes critical; better still to avoid catching it at all.

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