Spectrul bolilor renale în diabet. Nefrologie (Engleză)

Diabetes and Kidney Disease
This review article highlights the heterogeneity of renal disease in patients with diabetes. The spectrum of renal disease in patients with diabetes encompasses both diabetic kidney disease (including albuminuric and non-albuminuric phenotypes) and non-diabetic kidney disease which can be independent or superimposed on albuminuric diabetic kidney disease. It is important to identifying non-diabetic kidney disease because it is potentially reversible. The clinical features suggestive of non-diabetic kidney disease, which should prompt consideration of renal biopsy, are discussed.There is significant heterogeneity in the spectrum of renal disease seen in patients with diabetes. Although DKD is acommon cause of chronic kidney disease in patients with diabetes, exclusion of NDKD is important because many forms of NDKD are potentially treatable and reversible. Renal biopsy should be considered in a carefully selected population where the disease course is atypical and clinical suspicion of NDKD is high. Absence of retinopathy and short duration of diabetes are the strongest predictors of NDKD.Citiți întregul articol aiciArticol printabil cu acces limitat via Wiley.Alte cărți recomandate: займ онлайн rusbankinfo.ru

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