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“A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”So here are some titles to keep you  sharp as sword. Information about new titles, with great editor’s commentsHave a nice day!

Android Malware and AnalysisPublication date: November 25, 2014
Android Malware and Analysis
This book documents the best tools and tactics available for analyzing Android malware. It explains how to use to use dynamic malware analysis to check the behavior of an application/malware as it has been executed in the system. It also describes how to use static analysis to break apart the application/malware using reverse engineering tools and techniques to re-create the actual code and algorithms used. The book includes access to an online library that supplies readers with tools to perform their own analysis of the latest Android malware threats.The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business EnterprisePublication date: November 4, 2014
The Strategic CIO
Based on interviews with more than 150 CIOs, IT and business executives, and academic thought leaders, this book provides insight, success stories, and a step-by-step methodology to transform your IT organization into a strategic asset that drives customer value, increases revenues, and enhances shareholder wealth. Learn how strategic CIOs from FedEx, Procter & Gamble, McKesson, and other leading companies transformed their organizations and effectively collaborate with the business to become a strategic partner and leverage information and technology for a competitive advantage.Project Management Theory and Practice, Second Edition. Gary L. RichardsonPublication date: October 24, 2014
Updated to reflect PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Fifth Edition, the second edition of this bestselling textbook continues to provide a practical overview of project management theory. It integrates the organizational environment that surrounds a project to supply the well-rounded knowledge of theories, organizational issues, and human behavior needed to manage real-world projects effectively. This edition contains a new chapter on Stakeholder Management, which is a new knowledge area covered in the latest PMBOK® Guide.Project Management Maturity Model, Third Edition. J. Kent CrawfordPublication date: December 1, 2014
Project Management Maturity Model, Third Edition
The third edition of Project Management Maturity Model provides a roadmap to help organizations move to higher levels of organizational behavior. It covers the areas critical to organizational improvement, such as the project management office, management oversight, and professional development. The book describes the Project Portfolio Management Maturity Model, which covers best practices for determining portfolio maturity, setting short-term priorities, improving portfolio management processes, and tracking progress. Chapters are based on the 10 knowledge areas specified in PMI’s standard, PMBOK® Guide, Fifth Edition.Biometric Technology: Authentication, Biocryptography, and Cloud-Based ArchitecturePublication date: October 23, 2014
Biometric Technology
Most biometric books are either extraordinarily technical for technophiles or extremely elementary for the lay person. Striking a balance, this book is geared toward the business, IT, or security manager required to make purchasing, migration, or adoption decisions. Presenting technical background on the various biometric technologies and how they work, it looks at optimal application in various settings and their respective strengths and weaknesses—considering ease of use, false positives and negatives, and privacy and security issues. It also discusses exciting trends in biotechnology such as biocryptography and biometrics in the cloud.Energy Efficient Cooperative Wireless Communication and NetworksZhengguo Sheng (UK) and Chi Harold Liu (PRC)Publication date: November 11, 2014
Energy Efficient Cooperative Wireless Communication and Networks
 Compared with conventional communications, cooperative communication allows multiple users or stations in a wireless network to coordinate their packet transmissions and share each other’s resources, thus achieving high-performance gain and better service coverage and reliability. This book introduces effective cooperative wireless communication schemes, to help readers improve energy efficiency, reliability, and end-to-end protocol design of wireless communication systems. Complete with algorithms and tips for effective design, the book includes many examples and best practices to facilitate understanding.Project Planning and Project Success: The 25% SolutionPedro SerradorPublication date: November 14, 2014
Project Planning and Project Success:  The 25% Solution
Although project planning is known to be critical to project success, it remains a relatively under-studied area of project management research. This book draws on a literature review of planning that covers more than 270 sources. It also discusses new research that analyzed data from more than 1,300 global projects. The book brings this under-studied area of knowledge to the forefront. It emphasizes that planning is required for project success and that shortchanging planning will have a negative impact on project success.Practical Cryptography: Algorithms and Implementations Using C++Edited by Saiful Azad (Bangladesh) and Al-Sakib Khan Pathan (Malaysia)Publication date: December 15, 2014
Practical Cryptography
This book discusses the concepts behind modern cryptography and details how programmers can use cryptography to maintain the privacy of computer data. It describes dozens of cryptography algorithms, gives practical advice on how to implement them into cryptographic software, and shows how they can be used to solve security problems. Covering recent developments in practical cryptographic techniques, it teaches readers how to build security into their software and systems. This book not only demonstrates the algorithms but also demonstrates how to implement them using C++.Multilevel Security for Relational Databases, Osama S. Faragallah, El-Sayed M. El-Rabaie, Fathi E. Abd El-Samie, Ahmed I. Sallam, and Hala S. El-SayedPublication date: November 24, 2014
Multilevel Security for Relational Databases
Most database security models focus on protecting against external unauthorized users. Because multilevel secure databases provide internal security according to user access type, they are a viable option for the security needs of modern database systems. Covering key concepts in database security, this book illustrates the implementation of multilevel security for relational database models. It considers concurrency control in multilevel database security and presents encryption algorithms. It also includes simulation programs and Visual studio and Microsoft SQL Server code for the simulations covered in the text. 

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