Cei mai tari 100 de pumni din filme

Un nou clip face senzatie pe Youtube: cei mai tari 100 de pumni din filme. Sunt aproape 10 minute pentru a vedea absolut tot ceea ce ni se arata, dar pentru a va face numararea mai usoara am inclus in prezentul articol (sub clip) si toate titlurile filmelor din acest clip, in ordinea exacta a desfasurarii actiunii.Nu va opriti, absolut toate filmele sunt interesante si multe dintre ele fac parte din istoria cinematografiei culte: 1. Fight Club2. Happy Gilmore3. The Departed4. The Holiday5. Hangover

6. The Expendables7. Planes, Trains and Automobiles8. Groundhog Day9. Dumb & Dumber10. Friday11. Rocky V 12. Revenge of the Nerds 213. Snitch14. Raging Bull15. Rocky II16. The Wickerman17. Punisher War Man18. Friday the 13th Part VIII19. Independence Day 20. Grindhouse Death Proof21. Matrix: Revolution22. James Bond: Casino Royal23. Eastern Promises24. The Last Boy Scour25. The Last Tycoon26. True Romance 27. Indiana Jones III28. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban29. Superbad30. Finding Polish31. Back to the Future32. Tropic Thunder33. Ace Ventura34. Black Sea 35. Full Metal jacket36. The Fifth Element37. Four Weddings and a Funeral38. Wedding Crashers39. Yes Man40. The Way of the Gun41. Superbad42. Liar, Liar43. Lifeless Ordinary 44. Blazing Saddle45. Conan the Barbarian46. Jackass 3D47. The Breakfast Club48. Black Dynamite49. The Hanson Brothers50. There Will Be Blood51. Indiana Jones52. Airplane!53. Analyze That 54. Revive55. Queen Bee56. Red Headed Woman57. Oscar58. Monster in Law59. Patton60. Maltese Falcon61. Gone with the Wind62. Heat of the Night63. RockNRolla 64. The Godfather Part II65. A Family That Preys66. The Getaways67. Moonstruck68. Star Trek69. The Piano70. Chinatown71. The Godfather72. Tombstone 73. Vivacious Lady74. Donnie Darko II75. Chopper76. Superbad77. The Transporter78. Enter the Dragon79. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid80. Die Hard II81. Karate Kid82. Ong Bak83. 17 Again84. Kick Boxer85. There Will Be Blood86. Cool Hand Luke 87. Casino88. Liar, Liar89. The Shining90. High Fidelity91. Pure Being92. Kill Bill Vol. I93. Rush Hour94. Wanted95. Mr. Deeds96. Pineapple Express97. Office Space98. Sherlock Holmes99. Crank 2100. Kung Fu Panda займ онлайн rusbankinfo.ru

Author: Jovi Ene

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