Citește un fragment: Plant-Environment Interaction


Biotechnological applications to improve salinity stress in wheat

1.1 Introduction For food, humans rely on approximately 275 crops (Tilman et al., 2011). Out of these, three crops, wheat, maize and rice, are significant cereal crops that contribute to major dietary requirements as staple foods for humans – a reason why they are collectively termed the ‘big three cereal crops’ (Shewry, 2009). Comparatively, wheat is the most important cereal crop that contributes a major portion of the daily diet for humans (Slade et al., 2012). It is estimated that wheat is a source for one‐fifth of total calories utilized by humans globally (Waines & Ehdaie, 2007). Wheat grains contain vital constituents such as carbohydrates, including 60–70% starch (Slade et al., 2012) and 8–15% protein such as glutenin (Shewry et al., 1995) and gliadin (D’Ovidio & Masci, 2004). Continue reading “Citește un fragment: Plant-Environment Interaction”

Lumea fantastică a lui Elon Musk

                              Foto: O rachetă Falcon 9 duce pe orbită un satelit comercial. August 2014 © SpaceX

O conversație cu Ashlee Vance, autorul excelentei biografii – singura autorizată – „Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”. Interviu realizat de Vasile Decu. Continue reading “Lumea fantastică a lui Elon Musk”