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Brand Admiration de C. Whan Park , Deborah J. MacInnis , Andreas B. Eisingerich  folosește cercetari în psihologie, marketing și comunicare pentru a dezvolta o perspectivă integrata și inovativă în domeniul brandingului. Folosind exemple din contextul afacerilor actuale, acest titlu descrie cum companiile pot transforma un produs, serviciu sau chiar o personalitate într-un brand în care oamenii au încredere și la care revin cu drag.


“Park, MacInnis and Eisingerich provide a powerful yet immensely practical perspective on building and managing brand admiration.  Solidly grounded in academic research, the book provides an array of actionable tools to curate and measure brand admiration for the short as well as long–term success of brands. This book is a must read for senior executives in businesses large and small, as well as for those who are directly involved in managing brand performance.” Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Admired brands create blockbuster value for companies and customers alike. INTRODUCTION Yes, we have heard about it and seen it with our own eyes, but it is still hard to fully grasp Apple’s miraculous comeback during the first 16 years of the 21st century. In 1999, Microsoft’s stock was at a record high, with its market capitalization close to $620 billion. Apple was teetering on bankruptcy. The notion that Apple would ever match Microsoft’s financial firepower, let alone surpass it, was unthinkable. In a 1998 Vanity Fair interview, Bill Gates “couldn’t imagine a situation in which Apple would ever be bigger and more profitable than Microsoft.” Nearly 17 years later, Apple’s market capitalization stands at $683 billion, more than double that of Microsoft’s. Sales of the iPhone 6s have been phenomenal, and more than 48 million iPhone 6 and 6s units were sold during the last quarter of 2015 alone.1 Indeed, in July of 2015 Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadelia stated that if Microsoft is to compete with Apple, Google, and others, Windows must become desired. Microsoft’s Windows operating system has endured as a must-have work tool, not because it’s an object that customers love. From his perspective, making customers love Windows was the critical objective

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