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Un capitol perfect pentru începutul de an este cel din The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work de Scott Berkun, o foarte interesantă introducere în lumea WordPress și cum a pornit această platformă.the-year-without-pants“The underlying concept an ′expert′ putting himself on the line as an employee is just fantastic. And then the book gets better from there! I wish I had the balls to do this.”GUY KAWASAKI, author, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, and former chief evangelist, Apple citeste aici

hen Mike Adams wrote code, he put the back of his laptop on his legs and looked down at the screen. His fingers hung over the edge of his keyboard as if his wrists were broken. He looked like a happy astronaut writing in space, whimsically violating the rules of conventional physics. His brilliance reflected this independence as he regularly found his way through challenges with a grace matched by only a handful of engineers in the world. At twenty-nine years old, he was young enough not to have repetitive stress injuries to his body, but watching him work in comical contortions across various sofas and couches made it hard to believe this would last. Behind his thick glasses and fuzzy beard resided an iron will for solving problems. He often worked long hours immune to hunger or other physical discomforts until his understanding reached his level of satisfaction. His proficiency was all the more impressive because he’d never read a book on computer science. He was self-taught, brilliant, collaborative, and, at times, hysterically funny. And the best part is he worked on my team.

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