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Why Winners Win  găsește elemente cruciale din rețete de afaceri reușite și detalii care au făcut diferența în planuri încununate cu success. Autorul Gary Pittard explică cum rezultatele consistete pot fi obținute cu ajutorul unei atitudini proactive.


′FANTASTIC! If a person could only read one book on success this one would qualify.′
Bob Burg, co–author of The Go–Giver
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Winners come in all shapes and sizes, but most have certain characteristics and qualities that ensure their success. Conspicuously absent are certain qualities that are common to most mediocre performers, and we’ll explore these first. If you intend to become a consistent top performer, it will help to recognise the poor habits that contribute to low or inconsistent results. Some of these are work habits; others are thought and attitude habits. The main factors behind poor performance are what I call the ‘four fatal flaws’. If you find you identify closely with these habits, it will almost certainly indicate that Sales is not for you. They are: • low ego drive (self esteem) • wrong career selection, little belief • call reluctance. People who suffer from these ‘afflictions’ often go through the motions, but their chances of long term success are nil. Winners represent 20 per cent of the total sales force but account for 80 per cent of total sales volume. The other 80 per cent of the sales force fight it out for the remaining 20 per cent of the sales. No wonder life is tough for those who find themselves in this 80 per cent. The truth is, they’re in the wrong career!

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