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The Ways to New: 15 Paths to Disruptive Innovation de Jean–Marie Dru este cartea pe care o propunem pentru azi, care te va ajuta să construiești o afacere bazată pe idei inovatoare. Autorul este recunoscut pentru sfaturile sale cu privire la modul în care poți găsi soluții ‘outisde the box’ pentru proiectele tale.


Printre ideile pe care le poți găsi în această carte:

  • Construiește un incubator organic de idei care să livreze cele mai bune soluții pentru tine;
  • Încurajează proactiviatea în segmentul inovațiilor;
  • Înțelege strategia propusă de Jeane Marie Dru- “Disruption Technique”.

citeste aici

Newspapers and business books have long focused on the digital revolution: on the start-up phenomenon, on the rise of nanotechnology and biotechnology, on scientific breakthroughs such as in health care. Innovation, it seems, is everywhere. But the few truly innovative corporations that have come into existence hide the facts. People lump them together with the rest of the industry, over which they may cast a rosy halo. The truth is that many companies, especially those born before the digital revolution, are proving unable to innovate fast enough. The problem is in the implementation. Research and development guidelines often seem too conventional. They limit rather than open up possibilities. Many companies are hostages to management systems, schemes, and procedures set in stone. You only need to look at the insufficiency of their organic growth. A.G. Lafley, Procter & Gamble’s former chief executive officer, has made a list of all the innovations launched by his company in the last decades, carefully distinguishing between incremental and disruptive innovation.1 The latter are a minority but they generate more profit than incremental innovations do. Incremental innovations remain essential because they feed a continuous flow of new revenue streams, but they are insufficient, very insufficient. They do not ensure that a company will remain successful over the long term. Only disruptive innovation allows companies to stand the test of time. Even Procter & Gamble, which ranks among the world’s most innovative corporations historically, has only launched two truly disruptive innovations in recent years: Swiffer and Febreze. What about other companies? A 2011 report from Booz & Company2 underlines that the two sectors most heavily invested in research, automobiles and health care, can boast almost no disruptive innovations at all (other than the electric car). The pharmaceutical industry is struggling to innovate. Fast-moving consumer goods companies are suffering from a lack of breakthrough products. As to high-tech industries, the story is obviously different. Their latest inventions constantly make the headlines. They are transforming the business world forever. Yet, they only account for 20 percent of industrial and commercial activity. They alone cannot compensate for the insufficient pace of innovation of business as a whole

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