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Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights Changing the World de Robert J. Rosenthal este cartea din care citim împreună câteva pagini, ca parte a provocării #UnCapitolPeZi. Acesta introduce noi concepte din zona de non-profit care pot fi implementate pentru a construi un viitor sustenabil și pozitiv.volunteer-engagement-2-0“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Rooseveltciteste aici

Fifteen years ago, I was given the opportunity to build my first nonprofit program from scratch. At the time, I was short on experience but had enthusiasm and ideas to spare. Fortunately, the leadership team at Larkin Street Youth Center decided to take a chance. Founded in 1984, Larkin Street had already grown an impressive continuum of services and a solid reputation with San Francisco’s street youth. The link between housing, support services, and lasting employment, however, was yet to be made. So, I set about developing a work force development program for homeless youth. Larkin Street’s team of dedicated social workers created a culture of youth empowerment through acceptance, encouragement, and a little bit of tough love. The youth responded in kind, some so committed they returned to job readiness class every morning even when they slept in Golden Gate Park the night before. It was truly inspiring, but we also needed to reach outside our walls for support. Our clients needed additional champions to believe in their potential. When we asked, people helped. A team of volunteer attorneys from the San Francisco Bar Association became our first group of mentors. Employee volunteers from Bain & Company organized a job readiness fair. Employers like Macy’s hosted informational interviews and hired youth for internships. Community volunteers helped as tutors in our GED and college-prep classrooms. Because of the first year of success—impossible without this level of volunteer and community involvement—our primary funder committed to multiyear support.

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