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Dragi un-marketeri, răsfoim astăzi un capitol dintr-o serie de titluri foarte interesante ale perechii de autori Scott Stratten , Alison Stratten: UnMarketing: Everything Has Changed and Nothing is Different. Acest titlu, ajuns la a doua ediție accentuează puterea lumii digitale în promovarea afacerilor.


UnMarketing include informații despre:

  • Generare de idei;
  • Marketing viral;
  • Conținut video;
  • Marketing structurat destinat milenialilor;
  • Transparență în strategii;
  • Podcasting, word of mouth și customer service.

citeste aici

DEAR UNMARKETERS, We bet you never even thought we could write one book, did you? And yet, here we sit four books later1 writing the second edition of UnMarketing. Back in 2009, when we put together the first version we never imagined where it would take us. Stages and college classrooms around the world, opportunities to travel and meet countless entrepreneurs and business people, both virtually and in person, who we’ve come to call friends and colleagues. Everything has changed. In 2009, we could complete a social media conversation by looking at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We called into tele-seminars, checked in on Foursquare, and seemed obsessed with everyone and every business being on social media. QR codes were found on stock boxes and inside toilet tanks, not websites, and we could write 40,000 words without the word app being one of them. Oreo had never dunked in the dark during the Super Bowl and no one had ever dumped an ice bucket on their head. At least not for charity, anyway. Our moms weren’t on Facebook and our kids weren’t on Snapchat.

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