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Orice lider, antreprenor, inovator sau marketer dorește să cunoască care sunt dorințele clienților, însă abordarea propusă de Trend-Driven Innovation: Beat Accelerating Customer Expectations, de Henry Mason , David Mattin , Maxwell Luthy și Delia Dumitrescu este să schimbi perspectiva către bazele afacerii tale, dar și să rămai atent la alte companii inovatoare și poveștile lor.

Vei învăța:

  • Cum să recunoști trendurile folosind unelte la îndemână;
  • Cum poți selecta ideile potrivite afacerii tale;
  • Cum să transformi trenduri și idei inovatoare în produse pe care clienții tăi le voi aprecia.

citeste aici

A GLOBAL SNAPSHOT In Manila, a mother pulls out her Chinese-designed Xiaomi smartphone, opens the GrabTaxi app and hails a cab, while her son uses his phone to track her arrival turn-by-turn. In Brazil, 450 tattoo artists warn clients of high-risk moles after being trained on how to spot signs of skin cancer by sun care brand Sol de Janeiro. In downtown Manhattan, a shopper stops on West 22nd Street to purchase a $200 pair of earphones that have been custom-printed to fi t perfectly into her ears. The remarkable aspect of all this is how unremarkable it has become. Look past the clichés about how “business as usual is over” and on “the relentless pace of change” and you’ll see the great paradox in today’s business arena: the truly exceptional has become wholly unexceptional. Customers—them, you, me, all of us—are no longer marveling at how efficiently global markets satisfy our mind boggling array of needs and wants. Instead, we merely rage at any moment of failure. And despite the global consumer arena being more diverse and varied than it has ever been, its inhabitants share a common mind-set: astonishingly elevated expectations, set at the high watermark not of personal but of collective experience, and applied ruthlessly to each and every business, product, service, or experience available. Welcome to the Expectation Economy.

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