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Provocare de la librarul tău personal, ziua #13

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Vă propunem și vă punem la dispoziție câte un capitol în fiecare zi din cărți noi și bestsellers și vă provocăm să-l citiți pe fiecare. Cărțile sunt pe zona profesională și pasiuni și sunt în limba engleză.

Dacă nu ați citit capitolul anterior, iată-l Build Your Business in 90 Minutes a Day

Cartea de azi e inspirată de discuția condusă de Sorin Sfetcu și organizată de Kindi Family Club, unde mi-ar plăcea foarte mult să revin. Tema a fost: “Cum ne promovăm online.”  Cartea pe care v-o propun se va publica în mai la editura Wiley: The Art of Digital Marketing de Ian Dodson, desigur în limba engleză.

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Chapter 1

An Introduction to Digital Marketing

Have you experimented with digital marketing driven by guilt, pressure, or an overeager boss? Have you found your efforts disjointed—frustrating—hit-or-miss? Given the sheer volume of information available on digital marketing, just finding where to start can be challenging. And even when you get started, how do you proceed in a way that ensures you are not wasting your time, effort, or budget?

This book provides you with a framework for applying your digital marketing skills in a structured and iterative fashion. You have now taken the first step towards digital marketing mastery, and pretty soon you will be able to use these skills to produce measureable results and ultimately, a return on investment. What more could you ask for?

What Makes This Book Different?

Not only is this book a fountain of knowledge, jam-packed with all the information you need to start your digital marketing journey, but our practical approach to learning will help you to grasp the key concepts and provide you with the skills required to excel in the digital industry.

Furthermore, this book follows a structured methodology underpinned by DMI’s 3i principles. These principles are the framework required for effective digital marketing and they illustrate the need for a totally different approach to traditional marketing.

This methodology is described throughout the 10 chapters of this book, each of which covers one specific channel in the digital marketing repertoire. At the end of each chapter you will be given a specific action plan, and by working through these plans you can create a comprehensive, structured, and successful digital marketing strategy.

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