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Simplitatea și claritatea sunt teme și obiective pentru mulți oameni și programul lor zilnic, iar întâlnirile și discuțiile pe care le poartă în fiecare zi pot ajuta semnificativ în obținerea acestora. Talk Lean: Shorter Meetings. Quicker Results. Better Relations de Alan Palmer este un titlu foarte interesant care îți poate întări convingerea că “going lean” poate fi abordat în multe zone ale vieții tale.talk-lean-testThis straightforward book helps you meet a middle ground in communicating frankly, courteously and effectively. Talk Businessciteste aici

Consider the following probably all too recurrent situations.

• You don ’ t like the way your new boss is managing you. He ’ s constantly looking over your shoulder, checking not just whether you meet your objectives but also how you do so. He has criticized you in front of your subordinates and has taken decisions which affect you without discussing them. He ’s succeeded in thoroughly demotivating you but doesn ’t appear to be aware of that. You need to tackle him about this. • At a conference, you spot a prospect you ’ve been unsuccessfully chasing for six months. Th e person he ’ s drinking a coffee with during a break suddenly excuses herself to answer a call, leaving your prospect alone and fi ve feet away from you. Now ’s your opportunity! • You ’ re a senior management consultant. At the end of an assignment, your client has asked you to carry out some additional analyses. You agree to do so at no extra cost, but the analyses are more complicated than you envisaged and your team has spent a considerable amount of extra time interrogating the data. You think you ’re justified in asking for an additional fee but feel uncomfortable doing so after the work has been done rather than before. You hesitate before making the call.

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