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Un ghid care găsește soluții ușor de implementat pentru cei care nu sunt familiarizați cu termenii tehnici, Style & Statistics de Brittany Bullard este propunerea noastră pentru capitolul de azi. Termenii introductivi, dar și explicațiile concise sunt de un real-folos pentru cei care doresc să implementeze analiza de date în mediul de retail.stylestatisticstemplate“As a nontechnical retail aficionado, I found Style & Statistics to be a modern, applicable guide to gaining a competitive edge in a fierce industry. Bullard′s knack for retail shone through and provided an insightful path to success, as an organization and as an individual, in a constantly evolving landscape.”Erin Fatica, Replenishment Planner, HSciteste aici

The Internet completely transformed the retail industry and the way we think about shopping. Retail changed from walking through a store to a click of a button while sitting on your couch in your yoga pants. The growth of mobile and technology has also revolutionized the industry. The first online retail site was created in 1979. Michael Aldrich connected a television to a computer that processed transactions in real time using a telephone. He called it Videotex. This was even before the World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee created the fi rst World Wide Web server in 1990. The fi rst retail site was a book retailer, www. books.com . In 1994, a secure port was developed for online transactions. This meant that customers were able to purchase items online through a relatively safe process, avoiding fraud and identity theft. It was by no means 100% secure, but it was better than previous attempts. Still, people were somewhat skeptical about making purchases online.

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