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Începem săptămâna cu o carte foarte simpatică, parte a provocării noastre #1CapitolPeZiStuff I Wish I’d Known When I Started Working de Fergus O′Connell.stuff-i-wish-i-d-known-when-i-started-workingVolumul acoperă sfaturi de la personalități din diferite domenii despre cum au reușit să își transforme locul de muncă și abordarea față de proiectele la care lucrează.citeste aici

 I remember being a kid and watching on a black and white TV the Alabama race riots. I remember – even as a kid – wondering how this problem could ever be solved, how this level of hatred could ever be overcome. Fast forward 50 years and there’s a coloured president in the White House. Pretty much anything is possible. In my teens and twenties, the Iron Curtain was a fixed part of the geography of Europe. It was hard to see how that situation could ever change. Look at the map of Europe now. Germany is reunited, democracies (of various qualities) in almost all of the countries of the former Soviet Union and that country itself a distant memory. And all of that happened in a just a handful of years. Pretty much anything is possible. In 2000, my company numbered nearly 50 people. When the dot.com bubble burst, much of our business disappeared overnight. Thinking this was a temporary thing, we tried to ride out the storm rather than getting small quickly, which is what we should have done. Bad mistake. As a result, we ended up with a debt of – essentially – $1,000,000. Fast forward to now and we’re debt free, small, profitable and thriving. I’ll say it again – pretty much anything is possible. Have you ever thought how lucky you are to have been born at this time in the history of the world? Imagine if you had been born in the Middle Ages or indeed pretty much any time before about the middle of the nineteenth century. If you had, and unless you were lucky enough to have been born into that tiny percentage of the world’s wealthy people, you would have died as you started out – a peasant or a farmer or a miner or a factory worker or a soldier or something similar

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