Cărți online- Social Movements for Good: How Companies and Causes Create Viral Change

Trendul constructiv spre care se îndreaptă o mare parte din proiectele în plină ascensiune vizează îmbunătățirea cadrului social în care activează companiile, dar nu numai. Social Movements for Good: How Companies and Causes Create Viral Change de Derrick Feldmann găsește avantajele unei asemenea abordări, explică cum poate ea să influențeze vizibil imaginea companiei tale dar mai ales nuanțele noi ale termenului ‘viral’ și noul ‘viral social’.


  • Citește poveștile celor mai importante mișcări sociale;
  • Înțelege mecanismul acestor proiecte;
  • Învată să implici noua generație de change-makers;
  • Formulează un mesaj care să inspire.

citeste aici

I grew up in a town of 1,000 people in southern Illinois. As the saying goes, “everyone knows everyone,” and the people who reside there believe in the importance of looking out for one’s neighbor. You support them when times are tough—maybe not always with money, but with time, emotional support, food, and whatever else you can offer. In the area where I grew up, the belief in helping someone close to you was rooted in deep tradition. You stand up for people in need. You know them personally, you care deeply, and you build relationships with the people surrounding the families. There is something to be said about rural philanthropy and contributing to a community when you know the beneficiary personally. This is how I grew up. This was my perception of philanthropy and the way the world worked. If someone needed help, you stepped in. If someone experienced a tragedy, you were on call. As I grew up and left this small town in Illinois, I noticed things were slightly different in the rest of the world. I traveled to cities and took jobs in philanthropy. To my surprise, people would help those they didn’t necessarily know personally. They would react to a story, a symbol, and a dream of what life could be. Not someone they knew.

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