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Un titlu care completează ideile despre comunicare pe care le-am răsfoit împreună zilele trecute: Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond de Jay Sullivan pune accentul pe comunicarea în mediile business: de la prezentări și discursuri, până la dezbaterile sau discuțiile în echipă.


Effective communication is absolutely critical to successful leadership. Sullivan reminds us that when we re communicating, audiences are listening to hear one thing: what does this mean for me? Simply Said is a candid guide to improve our ability to connect with others, and as a result, improve our impact as communicators and leaders.” – Tom Bradley. President of Retail, TD Ameritrade

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We communicate in a professional context to accomplish one of two goals: we either want to convey a specific point, or we want to build rapport with someone. Both involve focusing on the needs of the person or people with whom we are communicating. I recently attended a conference on current economic conditions in New York City. The speaker was a senior leader of a global banking institution. He clearly had taken a great deal of time putting together his slide deck, which included complex graphs and charts. He spoke with a booming voice and had a strong presence in front of the room. He was clearly very intelligent, and he knew his content. The audience of 150 people included banking professionals with a wide range of experience. I was picking up occasional interesting data points, but was having difficulty following any themes. It turns out I wasn’t alone

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