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Simple Thinking: How to remove complexity from life and work   de Richard Gerver este unul dintre titlurile care te poate ajuta sa îți simplifici viața, plecând de la premiza că personalitatea umană este un mecanism instinctiv și necomplicat într-un mod glorios.simple-thinking“Success is not complicated; it doesn′t have a secret formula; it is about people, behaviours and attitudes; Richard′s brilliant book covers all three.”Dave Bassett, Former Football ManagerUnclutter Your Mindciteste aici

“We are trying to be a more innovative and inclusive organization,” I was told recently by a major technology company CEO. “We have smart people working for us, really smart people but whenever we talk about simplifying our systems so that we can be flexible, more responsive or more creative, people just ask endless questions. What do we do?” My answer may appear glib, almost flippant, but it wasn’t. “Don’t employ anyone over five years old!” When you look at an abstract work of art, a Jackson Pollock or a Picasso, what do you see? Do you look for something specific? A right answer perhaps? Do you cheat and look at the description on the wall or in the guide book? When a child looks at a painting they either like it or they don’t; they’ll say, “too many colours, too dark, not enough spots, too many lines or it looks like an evil witch, or I just don’t get it!”

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