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What if we tried something new?

Așa începe capitolul de azi, unul cu adevărat special din The Science of Serendipity de Matt Kingdon. Inovația, noutatea în orice formă și chip este intens dezbătută, dar cum poate un brand să zărească prin ceața de posibilități? Lumina ideilor cu adevărat noi noi clarifică peisajul și te ajută să unești punctele în imaginea de ansamblu, construind o panorama cu adevărat impresionantă.


The book is packed with great stories to inspire ideas the great many provocations in the book, nicely told, make it one of the better books on the topic. Although it fails to offer a strong methodology, it does collect all the latest thinking into one place and is a great place to start (B2B Marketing)

citeste aici

Art has been the Chief Innovation Officer of a global bank for the past year. He oversees a pipeline of about 20 innovation initiatives around the world, each one managed by a team working within its own P&L. Increasingly, Art’s efforts to navigate the company’s internal processes and nudge these initiatives to launch are met with indifference and, in some cases, hostility. ‘It’s like I’m putting a baby in the boxing ring’, Art says of the ideas it’s his job to champion. ‘These projects need more investment and protection.’ Art has started to wonder how much his bank really wants to innovate and – in his darker moments – why he took the job in the fi rst place.

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