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Provocarea ne aduce câteva pagini dintr-o carte publicată azi în colecția Capstone:  Results: Think Less. Achieve More de Jamie Smart, un titlu despre claritate în gândire, adevăratul potențial și motivația din spatele tuturor proiectelor. Autorul, deja cunoscut pentru titlurile sale de dezvoltare personală aduce la nivelul următor aceste noțiuni reușind să construiască o rețetă a reușitei în orice domeniu.


‘This book is going to wake up your innate ability to create results.’
—Sháá Wasmund MBE, author of the Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller Stop Talking, Start Doing

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‘This system uses your innate capacities and instinctive abilities, developed by evolution over hundreds of thousand of years…’ I’d never thought of myself as a fighter, but just a few hours into the experiment, I was hit by a suddens about our nature as human beings… You’re built for reality. You’re optimized for results. You’ve evolved to survive, transform and thrive. The experiment was Krav Maga, a powerful self-defence system invented in the 1930s to help Czech Jews protect themselves against Nazi thugs. I was doing a weekend workshop designed to train ordinary people to respond quickly and effectively in dangerous situations. And why is it so effective? Because it runs on the ‘operating system’ of your innate capacities and instincts; pre-existing abilities that show up automatically, without you having to think about it consciously. I’d never thought of myself as a fighter, but in just a few hours I was introduced to the fighter that had been right there within me, my whole life.

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