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Continuăm colecția Capstone Classic cu un titlu care depășește orice așteptări, si care, în simplitatea sa reușește să se potriveasca în povestea și viața fiecărui om: The Republic de Plato. Text clasic, studiat de foarte mulți, acesta convinge prin dovezile de înțelepciune care au sfidat trecerea timpului.


Despite being over 16 centuries old, The Republic still has much to say about what it means to live a good life today. On the surface the book lays out Plato s plan for a perfect society, but The Republic is also an extended metaphor for individual human potential. Plato s ideal state or society is characterized by wisdom, courage, self–discipline and justice; qualities that also motivate and shape a well–balanced person someone who is just or good.
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I went down yesterday to the Piraeus with Glaucon the son of Ariston, that I might offer up my prayers to the goddess (Bendis, the Thracian Artemis.); and also because I wanted to see in what manner they would celebrate the festival, which was a new thing. I was delighted with the procession of the inhabitants; but that of the Thracians was equally, if not more, beautiful. When we had finished our prayers and viewed the spectacle, we turned in the direction of the city; and at that instant Polemarchus the son of Cephalus chanced to catch sight of us from a distance as we were starting on our way home, and told his servant to run and bid us wait for him. The servant took hold of me by the cloak behind, and said: “Polemarchus desires you to wait.”

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