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The Rebell Sell


Cartea este în limba engleză și e scrisă de doi filozofi canadieni,  Joseph Heath și Andrew Potter. Sunt fotografii ale celor doi alături de descriere, mi se pare tot timpul interesant cum arată oamenii din spatele unei cărți. The Rebel Sell e bestseller internațional și a apărut în 2006 la Editura Wiley.

The birth of counterculture

Early on the morning of April 8, 1994, the electrician arrived to start work on a new security system being installed at an upscale home overlooking Lake Washington, just north of Seattle. In the greenhouse, he found the owner of the cottage, Kurt Cobain, lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Cobain had taken a lethal overdose of heroin, but, for good measure, had decided to finish the job by blowing off the left side of his head with a Remington 20-gauge shotgun.

When the news of Cobain’s death spread, very few were surprised. Th is was the man, after all, who had recorded a song called ‘I Hate Myself and Want to Die’. As frontman of Nirvana, arguably the most important band of the 1990s, his every move was followed by the media. His previous suicide attempts were a matter of public record. Th e note lying beside his body didn’t leave much room for interpretation: ‘Better to burn out than fade away’, he wrote. Nevertheless, his death generated a small cottage industry of conspiracy theories. Who killed Kurt Cobain?

In one sense, the answer is obvious. Kurt Cobain killed Kurt Cobain. Yet he was also a victim. He was the victim of a false idea – the idea of counterculture. While he thought of himself as a punk rocker, a man in the business of making ‘alternative’ music, his records sold in the millions. Thanks in large part to Cobain, the music that used to be called ‘hardcore’ was rebranded and sold to the masses as ‘grunge’. But rather than serving as a source of pride to him, this popularity was a constant embarrassment. It fed the nagging doubts in the back of his mind, which suggested that he had ‘sold out’ the scene, gone ‘mainstream’.

After Nirvana’s breakthrough album, Nevermind, began to outsell Michael Jackson, the band made a concerted effort to lose fans. Their follow-up album, In Utero, was obviously intended to be  difficult, inaccessible music. But the effort failed. The album went on to reach number one in the Billboard charts.

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