Un capitol pe zi. Citește online Real Women, Real Leaders (ziua #2)

Provocare de la librarul tău personal, ziua #2

Vă propunem și vă punem la dispoziție câte un capitol în fiecare zi din cărți noi și bestsellers și vă provocăm să-l citiți pe fiecare. Am vrea să știm cum vă simțiți peste o săptămână, dacă v-ați găsit timp și vedem dacă vreți să continuăm. Cărțile sunt pe zona de business și pasiuni și sunt în limba engleză.

Dacă nu ați citit capitolul din ziua#1, iată-l:  New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

Leadership. Journey: Skill or Personal Mission?

“Leadership is simply having something left over, after taking care of yourself, to care for someone or something else.”—John Ertha, Founder of Homestead

real womenJohn Ertha died at the age of eighty‐two after a life dedicated to education, theater, and leadership development for children and teens. He taught them to “work hard with others to achieve a common goal and to expect great things from themselves. Most importantly,they learned to value and respect the differences betweenpeople and understand that everyone has a contribution to make if allowed to participate” (Portland Press Herald, Oct. 18, 2009).

What wonderful lessons on leadership for children and teens—and what wonderful lessons for leadership in the world of work!Leaders can be found in all walks of life, of all ages, races, creeds,and nations. Leadership demands much from us, despite our motivationsto lead, the challenges we face, or the various opportunities presented to us.

As Carolyn Warner points out in her book, Words of Extraordinary Women:“The Japanese word for teacher is sensei, which means farmore than just someone who instructs. The literal meaningof the word is honored leader. A sensei is a guide, a mentor,giver and sharer not just of information, but of knowledge.And when I think of the greatest leaders that I know, or havestudied, they combine all of these qualities.”

In Real Women, Real Leaders, our authors share stories abouttheir mentors and guides, the various “sensei” in their lives, andhow they have been impacted. In exploring those who have impactedthem, they also share how they, themselves, have now takenon this role for others in their lives. The essays in this book showhow these diverse authors view leadership and their personal journeysto becoming leaders. Their stories point out that leadershipis not just a skill to be mastered, but also a mission, a value, a wayto live.

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