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Real Confidence: Stop feeling small and start being brave editată de Psychologies Magazine continuă seria de cărți care explică cum poți găsi valorile pe care să îți bazezi planurile, coordonatele pe care poți baza proiecte personale și energia pentru a pune mecanisme în mișcare.real-confidenceInsightful, practical and human. Inside this book lies the key to building your confidence in an authentic way.–Chris Baréz–Brown, founder of Upping Your Elvis and author of Shine: How to Survive and Thrive at Workciteste aici

We suspect you believe lack of confidence is the reason certain aspects of your life are not working out the way they do for everyone else who has confidence. You don’t blame anyone else for not earning more money, or not finding a job postredundancy, or not finding love after divorce, or not buying a home, or not having children, or not changing careers, or not losing weight, or not getting fi t, or not making new friends. This feeling, that it’s your fault, that it’s all because you’ve got no confidence, is very common. You’re not alone. Lacking confidence doesn’t feel good. You feel like there’s some screw missing from the intricate parts of your brain, or there’s a malfunction in your brain’s software, right? If you could just fi x that, if there was a confidence app for your brain you’d be fi ne, right? Confidence has become the holy grail of modern life. It’s not just the big concepts like success and happiness that we’ve come to believe depend on confidence, somehow we think that it’s the foundation to our inner structure, that it’s what would enable us to create our ideal outer lives. But do we even know what it really is? Unless you really know what confidence is, how can you develop it? What is it? Analysing the meaning of confidence prompts fascinating discussions. Let’s start with the Oxford English Dictionary definition. Here we see that one aspect of the meaning is a feeling of being able to trust or rely on someone or something. That’s a reminder that we need to learn to trust and rely on ourselves. (If you already trust and rely on yourself, even just a little, then you can smile and feel good about yourself.)

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