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Real Ambition: Quit Dreaming and Create Success Your Way, editat de Psychologies Magazine este considerat un ghid indispensabil pentru formularea planurilor personale cu ajutorul cercetărilor amănunțite și a sfaturilor experților.real-ambition“An indispensable guide to formulating goals in line with your deepest values and then actually making them happen.”Oliver Burkeman, author of The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can′t Stand Positive Thinkingciteste aici

The meaning of ambition and success is something that varies from person to person. What success means to you or what you want to see for yourself in the future might be completely different to someone else’s interpretation. Perhaps you dream of making it in a highly competitive arts and entertainment fi eld like Hollywood, the music charts, the New York Times bestseller list. You might want to escape a dreary no status job for an exciting high level career. You might be determined to make so much money you don’t have to ever worry about it. Or you might have decided to totally change your life by moving to a different city or even another country. Before we help you learn how to achieve your ambitions and create success in your life, you need to be clear about what ambition and success mean. If your definitions are simply the opposite of terms like unsuccessful, failure, mediocre or boring, you won’t be clear about what exactly you are aiming to create. So what do ambition and success mean generally – and what do they mean to you? ARE DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS RIGHT? We’re starting with dictionary definitions of ambition and success because we want to strip them down from all the associations you may have made about both words. Think of a house that someone has painted over again and again, and that needs to be stripped back to a shell and rebuilt to achieve a home that’s redesigned and redecorated properly as well as beautifully. The same has happened to these big concepts of ambition and success. They have become overloaded with the meanings you’ve absorbed around you. One of the things we’re aiming to do is to help you redefine ambition and success on your terms.

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