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Capitolul de azi continua mini-seria dedicată studiilor de tip MBA cu un ghid practic despre antreprenoriat: The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship de William D. Bygrave și Andrew Zacharakis. Această carte introduce teorii din zona de afaceri precum și modele de planuri antreprenoriale.


Acest capitol face parte dintr-o serie construită împreună cu Access MBA, consilier în studii universitare.


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How This Chapter Fits into a Typical MBA Curriculum The entrepreneurial process is an introductory lecture at the start of a new venture course in MBA programs. It gives an overview of the importance of entrepreneurship in the economy. Then it sets the table for the semester by giving an outline of the content of the course, which comprises the entrepreneurial process from conception to birth of a new venture and its early growth. This chapter includes understanding entrepreneurial attributes and skills, finding and evaluating opportunities, and gathering resources to convert opportunities into businesses. Students learn how to weigh up entrepreneurs and their plans for new businesses. In this book, as in most MBA new ventures courses, the focus is on entrepreneurs and how they start new companies. Major areas of concentration include the following: searching the environment for new venture opportunities; matching an individual’s skill with a new venture; evaluating the viability of a new venture; and financing, starting up, and operating a new venture.

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