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The Philosophy of Luck editată de Duncan Pritchard și Lee John Whittington este un titlu din colecția Wiley Blackwell iar cele câteva pagini pe care le împărtășim azi într-un capitol pe zi sunt o introducere foarte interesantă în domeniul metafilosofiei.the-philosophy-of-luckThis is the first volume of its kind to provide a curated collection of cutting–edge scholarship on the philosophy of luck. Including work from the leading philosophers writing on luck today, it features discussions of luck from a range of perspectives, including ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, and cognitive science. Although luck has long been thought to play a significant role in many areas of philosophy, luck itself and how it figures in certain core philosophical problems, such as free will, has often been overlooked. This anthology aims to provide a synthesis of existing scholarship on luck that will serve to illuminate, reposition, or even solve existing philosophical problems. citeste aici

The notions of luck and risk are closely related. Many of the luckiest events we can imagine occur in situations where there is a large amount of risk involved. Being the only survivor in a plane crash or winning roulette after betting one’s life savings on one spin are examples of very lucky events that occur in situations where there is a lot of risk involved. In this essay, I aim to investigate the conceptual connection between luck and risk. More specifically, I aim to explain the former in terms of the latter. Let me start with a quick overview of the philosophical literature on luck so as to frame the discussion. Philosophers who have theorized about luck have characterized the notion using three types of conditions: (1) chance conditions, (2) lack of control conditions, and (3) significance conditions. The core idea of chance conditions is that lucky events are by chance. Lack of control conditions roughly say that an event is lucky for an agent only if the agent lacks control over it, whereas significance conditions say that an event, even if chancy or beyond the agent’s control, cannot be regarded as lucky unless it is significant to the agent.

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