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This Is Philosophy: An Introduction de Steven D. Hales face parte dintr-o serie introductivă pe diferite teme din filosofie. Aceste materiale sunt foarte utile pentru cei care doresc să afle conceptele de bază sau doar o recapitulare concisă și corectă a acestora. Acest volum este o punte de început în lumea întrebărilor-scânteie, prim popas în lumea marilor dileme.this-is-philosophyThis is a terrific book. The writing is not only extremely clear, it is downright gripping – with relevant and detailed examples at every turn. Steven Hales has produced not just a great little introduction to philosophy – he has produced a great little book in philosophy period.–Michael Lynch, University of Connecticutciteste aici

Life ’ s just filled with all sorts of things you ’ re supposed to do. You should be nice to your sister, brush between meals, never mix beer and wine, get your car inspected, tithe to the poor, wear clean underwear, avoid consumer debt, love thy neighbour as thyself, buy low and sell high, read good books, exercise, tell the truth, have evidence – based beliefs, come to a complete stop at a red light, eat your vegetables, call your mom once in a while. The list goes on and on. All these things you should do, various obligations, duties, and responsibilities, form the normative universe . Should, oughts, duties, rights, the permissible and the impermissible populate the normative universe. Not all these should and oughts are ethical in nature, however. There are many dimensions to the normative universe, not just the moral dimension. Here are a few examples: • Jim is deciding whether he should invest his money in gold bullion, mutual funds, or government bonds. • Vanessa wonders whether it is permissible for her to turn right on red in this state. • Todd is debating whether he ought to put more cinnamon in his ginger snaps. • Holly is considering whether she fi lled out her taxes right.

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