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Performance Architecture: The Art and Science of Improving Organizations de Roger Addison , Carol Haig și Lynn Kearny este un ghid complet pentru formarea unei structuri solide în organizația ta. Autorii demonstrează cum performanța individuală dar și de grup (angajat: individual/echipă; proiect: process/practică; loc de muncă: organizație) poate influența rezultatele din organizație.


“This is an excellent, practical guide to the field of Human Performance Technology, communicated in straightforward language. The authors have given a broad audience access to solid, research-based methods and tools for improving the performance of people at any and all levels of organizations.”
—CARL BINDER, CPT, PhD, senior partner, Binder Riha Associates

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Some years ago, a company had a team of high – performing data entry clerks that was known for consistently rapid production with very low error rates. These were skilled, dependable employees who had worked together for a long time. When their company moved to a new and much larger building, the clerks were delighted with their workspace. They loved their spacious office, large wrap – around windows, and restful views of lush lawns and shady trees. When they moved, they brought along all their existing office furniture, state – of – the – art computers, and other equipment. They settled into their wonderful new space and continued with their work. After a week or two, their manager reviewed the production reports and was surprised to see that the team ’ s error rates had noticeably increased. He searched in vain for an obvious reason and could only conclude that the move had somehow disrupted the clerks ’ usual accuracy. When this alarming trend continued through several reporting cycles, the manager decided the best course of action would be to retrain this group of skilled high performers because they had obviously forgotten how to do their jobs. So all the data entry clerks were retrained. And, as you may have guessed, their sub – standard performance continued with subsequent reports showing no reduction in error rates. In desperation, the manager asked the performance consulting department for help and a consultant paid him a visit. After the manager brought her up – to – date on events, she asked to see all the reports from after the move and several sets from before to compare the clerks ’ performance.

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