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Vă propunem și vă punem la dispoziție gratuit  câte un capitol în fiecare zi din cărți noi și bestsellers și vă provocăm să-l citiți pe fiecare. Cărțile sunt pe zona profesională și pasiuni și sunt în limba engleză.

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Cartea este în limba engleză și e scrisă de  Rory Burke și  Steve Barron,  Editura Wiley.

Principles for Becoming Oversubscribed



You likely learned long ago that the market forces of demand and supply determine the price and the profi t you’ll make. But what you didn’t learn is that you can make your own market forces.

The story of the two bidders

I was in a room with 400 people who had come to see renowned entrepreneur and author, Gary Vaynerchuk, share his ideas on social media marketing. He announced at the end of his presentation that he’d be auctioning off a 1-hour one-on-one business consultation with him and the proceeds would go to charity.

He explained that the last time he did a consultation like this he had made several introductions to his network and the person had made an additional $50,000 in less 10 Oversubscribed than 30 days. “It’s not just a consultation”, he explained. “It’s potentially access to my network – and I know some of the world’s most powerful people.”

This had put the audience into a state of frenzy. I opened the auction with a bid of £500 and immediately another person took it to £600. Within a fl ash the price hit £1,000 and the hands kept popping up. Bids were coming in thick and fast. £2,000, £2,200, £2,400, £2,600, £2,800. As the bidding passed the £3,000 mark, it came down to two men who clearly both wanted this prize. Everyone else was out of the race, but these two guys kept matching each other and taking the price up another £100 each time.


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