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Un capitol-moment de reflecție despre simplitatea cuvintelor pe care le alegem și cum ne pot defini acestea întreaga existența, cele câteva pagini din One Word to Leave a Legacy de Jon Gordon pleacă de la o premiză-întrebare foarte interesantă:”Care este cuvântul care dorești să rămână amintire puternică celor din jur atunci când se gândesc la tine?”one-word-to-leave-a-legacy

“What Jon, Dan, and Jimmy have discovered and share with you in Life Word is a simple, powerful, and life–changing idea that really works.Don′t just read this book. Dig into it. And when you discover your Life Word, don′t look back! It won′t just change you; I believe you′ll change the world because of it.”Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of Chase The Lion and The Circle Maker

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In the movie Secondhand Lions, Walter, a 12-year-old boy, is dropped off with his “crazy uncles,” Hub and Garth, for the summer. This turns into a wild ride of discovery. Legend has it that his uncles have lived an incredible life of adventure, victory, and defeat, love and loss, and great fortune. But rumours swirl that they are bank robbers or even worse and that they are sitting on top of millions. The movie unfolds with unbelievable tales of adventure as the young boy tries to determine what and who to believe in. Along the way he is raised by and comes to love his valiant, heroic uncles and learns first-hand what it takes be a man and live life to the fullest. The final scene culminates with the uncles dying at the age of 90 as they try to fly a plane upside down through a barn. As Walter arrived at the barn he met up with the grandson of a sheik who had been part of the epic tales. There he was asked, “So these men from the stories really lived?” To which he responded, “Yes, they really lived.”

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