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Despre Sir Ken Robinson se știu multe, asemenea despre studiile sale în domeniul creativității. Out of Our Minds este unul dintre primele sale titluri care îmbină idei precum creativitate, inovație și studiul resurselor umane oferind un discurs complet pentru o audiență vastă: cum pot fi depășite provocările din domeniul educației și al afacerilor folosind atuurile lumii moderne.


“It is often said that education and training are the keys to the future. They are, but a key can be turned in two directions. Turn it one way andyou lock resources away, even from those they belong to. Turn it the otherway and you release resources and give people back to themselves. To realizeour true creative potential—in our organizations, in our schools and in our communities—we need to think differently about ourselves and to actdifferently towards each other. We must learn to be creative.”
Ken Robinson

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HOW CREATIVE ARE YOU? How creative are the people you work with? How about your friends? Next time you are at a social event, ask them. You may be surprised by what they say. I have worked with people and organizations all over the world. Everywhere I go, I find the same paradox. Most children think they’re highly creative; most adults think they’re not. This is a bigger issue than it may seem.

As the world spins faster and faster, organizations everywhere say they need people who can think creatively, communicate and work in teams: people who are flexible and quick to adapt. Too often they say they can’t find them. Why not? My aim in this book is to answer three questions for anyone with a serious interest in creativity and innovation, or in simply understanding their own creative potential.

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