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Deciziile bune nu au nevoie de analiză ca proces îndelungat, de fapt acestea pot fi rezolvate rapid, folosind un procedeu automat care poate fi stăpânit ușor. Mind+Machine de Marc Vollenweider explcă modalități prin care analiza de date poate ușura multe dileme organizaționale.mind-machine

“Mind+Machine is a thought–provoking exploration of data analytics as they stand now. Marc introduces and develops several game–changing concepts, like the Efficient Frontier, Ring of Knowledge, and Use Case Methodology, showing how to apply them for the best possible return on investment. These ideas should be the cornerstone of every organization′s approach to data analytics. Written for the generalist with plenty of real–world examples, it′s a fascinating read that I couldn′t put down.”Stefan Arn, Global Head of Technology for UBS Wealth Management and UBS Switzerland and Group IT Head for Strategic Regulatory Initiatives

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“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

—Walt Disney

I want to thank my good friend Andy for putting this conference together,” Steve Wynn told the packed ballroom at the Encore Hotel. “These are very tough times. And it takes a lot of courage for him and his team to be out here—in Las Vegas—putting on this magnificent event.” The crowd erupted in applause. But I was distracted. My body tensed up as I looked over at my business partner. “Did Steve Wynn just call me Andy?” I asked with a plastered smile on my face. “Andrew,” he paused pensively. “Andrew, on behalf of Las Vegas, I want to thank you.”

More applause.

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