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Chiar dacă bugetul de marketing consumă o mare parte din cheltuielile unei organizații, este dificil de observat “the big picture” cât privește rezultatul, iar acesta poate fi capturat de un manager cu gândire de marketing sau de un marketer cu gandire managerială . Marketing Management for Non-Marketing Managers de Heather Fitzpatrick  este propunerea noastră pentru acest un capitol pe zi, și un titlu-noutate de la editura Wiley.


Heather L. Fitzpatrick is the founder, president and CEO of MarketFitz, Inc., a management consulting firm focused on helping clients deliver measurably improved financial returns on market–facing investments. Her clients include Fortune 500 corporations, middle–market companies and regional for–profit and not–for–profit organisations. A licensed CPA and CGMA with over 20 years experience as a a marketing professional, Fitzpatrick brings an unusual insight to her quest to help clients more effectively manage their marketing efforts.

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How do you define marketing? W hen I ask managers this question, the answers are surprisingly diverse, even among marketing managers. But there is one group that defines marketing in very similar terms, and that group shares an important characteristic: they are market leaders. In almost every industry, the competitive landscape looks similar. The majority of the players are engaged in a bloody battle for market share, competing fiercely with other organisations of their size, and generating about the same margin. I call these companies average performers because they all seem to perform within a narrow profit margin range. Behind them are the battle-weary under-performers; their bottom lines are red and creditors are circling. These companies are still battling for business, but they ’re not getting it. They ’re not yet gone, but they are certainly on their way. And then there are the market leaders. These companies consistently out-perform their market. They attract the best customers and do so at a better margin. And, compared to the fierce battle in which average performers are engaged, they seem to do so effortlessly. W hat frustrates many marketing and non-marketing managers at average-performing companies is that an analysis of market leaders’ marketing expenses and activities doesn’t seem to provide insight into their success. Benchmarking studies show that both types of companies spend about the same percentage of their overall expenses on marketing, but they aren’t generating the same results. Market leaders are getting more from those same dollars. Even more frustrating to average performers is that market leaders seem to do the same sorts of things average performers do, from a marketing perspective.

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