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Aducem azi câteva pagini dintr-o carte foarte așteptată a acestui an: Marketing 4.0- Moving from Traditional to Digital de Philip Kotler , Iwan Setiawan , Hermawan Kartajaya. Plecând de la premiza: “Marketing has changed forever. This is what comes next.” acest titlu este un ghid  actualizat pentru generația următoare de marketeri.


“No one has a finger on the pulse of marketing like Phil Kotler. His ability to identify and interpret new marketing trends and developments is truly astounding. Once again, with Marketing 4.0, Kotler and his co–authors help to blaze a new trail to marketing success. This is definitely the one marketing book you HAVE to read this year.
Kevin Lane Keller, E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business
citeste aici

Charlie Frost was a conspiracy theorist who strongly believed that 2012 would bring the end of civilization. A couple of geologists in 2009 found that Frost’s belief might be true. They discovered that the earth’s core was about to explode and bring catastrophe to the world. And so the world’s leaders gathered to find a solution and decided to build giant ships resembling Noah’s Ark to save select groups of the world’s population. The survivors on the ships would be expected to start a new civilization. This story is completely fictional and is taken from the movie 2012. But many of the scenes in the movie symbolize the change we are experiencing today. The movie shows how the old standards of civilization—political, economic, socio-cultural, and religious standards—were being destroyed and being replaced by a more horizontal and inclusive set of social standards. It shows how leaders of the Western superpower countries were forced to drop their egos and collaborate. They even had to rely on China to build the giant ships. The ships also functioned as the symbols of a new world in which diverse people were connected with one another without any geographical and demographical boundaries.

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