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Life. Business: Just Got Easier de Brad Burton mizează pe puterea exemplului și a experientței autorului pentru a te motiva să lucrezi cu entuziasm în proiectele tale. Provocarea de azi te va învăța să te motivezi, să îți găsești și investești eficient timp și resurse financiare în pasiunile tale și să găsești energie pentru a te dezvolta și păși cu încredere înainte.life-business-test‘Beneath the bluff exterior of the self–styled fat bloke from Manchester is a shrewd business brain.’The Times citeste aici

 I was a seven-year-old boy, playing Space Lego in the front room of our terraced house in Salford, Manchester, whilst my stepdad watched the snooker finals. Suddenly the match went off and the BBC NEWS FLASH title appeared on screen. It switched the coverage over to the Iranian Embassy siege, where a hostage situation was coming to a dramatic and violent ending and for the first time in history the SAS were unveiled to the world ’ s media. That ’ s when life first changed for me, and I realised that the world I ’ d been ushered through, the reality I lived in, wasn’ t in fact real. Up until that point I was quite rightly led to believe it was all Tiswas, toys, Father Christmas and Beano comics. Most good parents are masterful at creating a faux environment, to allow kids to hang onto childhood for as long as possible. This makes children feel safe and secure while they do their learning about the real world . . .

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