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Ghidul esențial al teoriei și practicii modelelor de transformare socială în leadership, dar nu numai, este surprins in cea de-a doua ediție din Leadership for a Better World editat de Susan R. Komives , Wendy Wagner. Completat de toate informațiile esențiale din acest domeniu, acest titlu poate fi folosit de studenți dar și de cei care lucrează în management sau doresc sa cunoască mai multe detalii despre modul în care pot fi construite afaceri responsabile social.


“What a powerful, very needed, and welcome sequel to A Social Change Model for Leadership Development Guidebook. It is a book for students, faculty, and everyone who engages in leadership for social change for a better world. It is an inspiring and liberating book in that it validates each one of us as we discover and practice the gifts we have been given.” Helen S. Astin, professor emerita of higher education and senior scholar, Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA
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Th e Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM; Higher Education Research Institute [HERI], 1996), on which Leadership for a Better World is based, emerged at a time when numerous researchers and theorists were beginning to think of leadership in different ways. Those who created the model believed that there needed to be a framework for understanding leadership that college and university students could embrace and that would reflect the societal changes that were under way at the time. It is gratifying that so many years later the model remains relevant and is one of the most widely used on college and university campuses throughout the United States and in many other countries around the world (Kezar, Carducci, & Contreras-McGavin, 2006). Th e creators of the SCM were uniquely concerned with leadership that started with personal commitment, was transformed through collaboratively sharing the work of leadership with others, and was ultimately intended to serve others and society at large. Th is focus on individual, organizational, and societal or community transformation was prophetic in anticipating the commitment to social justice and service that we see among many of today’s college and university students.

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