Cărți online: Jolt: Shake Up Your Thinking and Upgrade Your Impact for Extraordinary Success

Provocare de la librarul tău personal!Vă propunem și vă punem la dispoziție, gratuit, câte un capitol din cărți noi, dar și din bestsellers și vă provocăm să-l citiți pe fiecare. Cărțile sunt pe zona de business și pasiuni și sunt în limba engleză.Clic aici dacă vrei să te abonezi la #uncapitolpeziCapitolul de astăzi este dintr-o carte publicată în aprilie 2015, Jolt: Shake Up Your Thinking and Upgrade Your Impact for Extraordinary Success, de Richard Tyler.9780857085986.pdfAceastă carte ne va învăța lucruri utile pentru drumul nostru spre succes:

  • Schimbă-ți felul de gândire, acceptă schimbarea și eliberează cea mai bună versiune a ta;
  • Testează noi moduri de a gândi și de a face lucrurile;
  • Recunoaște obiceiurile și orizontul limitat care te ține pe loc.

 Deeply etched in my memory is the very first time I ever stood in front of a totally mirrored wall at Music College. Dance classes were a required part of the curriculum for everyone, regardless of what course you were on. The idea behind it was that dance taught core strength, discipline and the ability to use your body well (whatever that means …).

Now, anyone who knows me will be well aware that any style of dancing is not really my thing. My body was just not made for dancing. Someone once asked me in a nightclub if I was having a fi t – I was just enjoying the music and bopping around in my own way!

Anyway, there I stood in my black leotard and jazz shoes, gazing at myself in the fl oor to ceiling mirror. I was fairly shocked. How can one person look a complete idiot in such a simple outfi t? I thought it must be the mirrors that offered the warped view but quickly realized that it was, in fact, me. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable. I didn’t like the instant feedback that I was getting. I felt incredibly vulnerable and even if I averted my gaze, I was still only aware of the 6ft dancing ironing board I could see in front of me.

I will talk much more about the feedback loop that exists within the performance arena later on. Performers rely heavily on that constant choice point that comes with feedback. The belief is that each insight offers the opportunity to make an upgrade, to hit refresh and to Jolt.

Carte online-Jolt: Shake Up Your Thinking and Upgrade Your Impact for Extraordinary Succes

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