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Editura Lonely Planet ne-a obișnuit cu titluri foarte speciale, printre care și câteva cărți cu memorii de călător. De data aceasta în An Innocent Abroad o selecție de scriitori printre care: John Berendt, David Eggers, Richard Ford, Pico Iyer, Alexander McCall Smith, Jane Smiley împărtășesc amintirea primei experiențe de călător într-o lume străină, în continuă schimbare.A misunderstanding in Morocco. A Cuban con. A family reunion in Italy. An epiphany in the Czech Republic.Some of the world’s best-loved writers share the travel experiences that made them the people they are today.Join them in their bittersweet tales of innocence lost.citeste aici

 I lost my innocence in France. I went to live in Paris right aft er graduating from Princeton, following in the footsteps of F. Scott Fitzgerald, or so I fancied, and within two weeks I had fallen head over heels for a 22-year-old jeune fille from Grasse, who exuded a Provencal perfume of sunshine and sexualité. A jeune américain unwise to the ways of the world, I spent two months panting like a puppy after this fille fatale before I realized that for her I was more bauble than boyfriend. But by then it didn’t matter. I had found a new object for my passion – Paris itself – and this lover consummated my ardor with Monet and Molière, the Île Saint-Louis and Sacré-Cœur, and midnights wandering under the plane trees by the Seine, sometimes hand in hand with a jeune américaine, intoxicated by the moon and the swooning stars.

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