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Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work de Michael Dodd răspunde întrebărilor pe care ți-a fost teamă să le găsești un răspuns singur încercând să accentueze puterea atitudinii pozitive în situațiile limită care pot apărea la locul de muncă.great-answers-to-tough-questions-at-work“Keep this book close at all times. Simply vital reading for all who need to answer tough questions and enhance their reputation as a result”Roger Harrop, Award–Winning International Business Speaker and Past President of the Professional Speaking Associationciteste aici

Imagine you suddenly find yourself in charge of a bunch of four year-olds about to play their first game of football. The youngsters are revved up, have short attention spans and are under pressure to perform from their pushy parents. Amidst the excitement they could easily lose sight of what they’re really meant to do. Reduced to its simplest, your initial pre-match job as manager is to get across one clear over-riding message to the team members: “If you’re going to win the game you have to score at least one goal – and more if you can.” Sure they’ll need to keep the ball out of their own goalmouth. But even if they defend perfectly, they won’t actually win the game unless they get the ball into their opponent’s net at least once, and ideally more. This may seem obvious. But in a broadly similar situation, when it comes to answering tough questions in the workplace, many people don’t score any goals – and don’t even try to.

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