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Citim astăzi un capitol din Global Dynamics: Approaches from Complexity Science de Alan Wilson. Această carte te poate ajuta dacă încerci să înțelegi dinamica globalizării ancorată in modele economice internaționale și cum pot fi schimbate relațiile dintre țări prin comerț, migrații, securitate și ajutor de dezvoltare. Exemplele acoperă o gamă largă de situații, de la micro-economie la sisteme globale, toate cu accent pe tehnologia în schimbare, impactul migrației și dezvoltarea sustenabilă.


Această carte prezintă:

  • Modele complete de dezvoltare globală dinamică;
  • O viziune de ansamblu a mediului internațional;
  • Modele care constituie unelte de analiză și dezvoltare;
  • O demonstrație a modului prin care pot fi implementate concepte complexe.

The populations and economies of the 220 countries of the world make up a complex global system. The elements of this system are continually interacting through, for example, trade, migration, the deployment of military forces (mostly in the name of defence and security) and development aid. It is a major challenge of social science to seek to understand this global system and to show how this understanding can be used in policy development. In this book, we deploy the tools of complexity science – and in particular, mathematical and computer modelling – to explore various aspects of change and the associated policy and planning uses: in short, global dynamics. What is needed and what is the available toolkit? Population and economic models are usually based on accounts. Methods of demographic modelling are relatively well known and can be assumed to exist for most countries. In this case, we will largely take existing figures and record them in an information system. An exception is the task of migration modelling. National economic models are, or should be, input–output based. We face a challenge here, in part, to ensure full international coverage and also to link import and export flows with trade flows. In the case of security, there are some rich sources of data to report; in the case for development aid, the data are less good. In each case, we require models of the flows – technically, models of spatial interaction.

Citește aici un capitol din -Global Dynamics: Approaches from Complexity Science

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